Obtain, Retain, & Sustain: What You Missed


June 23, 2022

Poor member retention rates can be deadly for a club — that’s why it’s vital to continually reevaluate and update your retention strategies. Two experts highlighted the ins and outs of member retention at Clubessential’s June 2022 webinar.

Danielle Hopper of Ford Field & River Club and Cody Harrison of Clubessential hosted Obtain, Retain, & Sustain and covered what real clubs need to be asking as they approach the subject of member retention.

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Asking the right questions

Any time your club is in the process of reevaluating a strategy, the team should start with questions. If you aren’t questioning your existing processes, you aren’t going to end up with a better strategy; you may not even find a different approach at all.

Presenters Danielle and Cody have three main categories of questions that clubs should ask when it comes to changing member retention strategy:

  1. How do we engage new or prospective members?
  2. How do we enhance our members’ experience?
  3. How do we ensure continued success?

Identifying the answers to these questions will make it clear what your approach has been in the past and what the strategy should be going forward. To learn more about tackling these questions, watch the full webinar. The details vary from club to club, but the presenters explain what you and your team should be looking for as your strategy is molded into something new.

Keys to success

Asking and tackling the appropriate questions is a great way to get the ball rolling, but your club will still have to implement any changes and practices that are necessary.

Danielle and Cody point out three more pieces that are crucial to great member retention:

• Understanding what drives members to your club
• Providing an exceptional experience for members
• Empowering staff to understand your members’ habits

Since your club is unique, tackling these big-picture questions and concepts will lead you and your team to the best updates and practices for your specific club. Understanding your members deeply goes hand-in-hand with providing a great experience every time they visit your club.

Member experience also goes beyond your property; creating strong interactions and relationships online contributes heavily to the way potential and existing members view your club and brand. That’s why Danielle and Cody cover powerful tactics like search engine optimization, utilizing reporting tools, effective prospect management, and more in the webinar.

If your current member retention rates aren’t what you want them to be, it’s time to learn the best ways to change and improve your strategy. Watch the free webinar now to get the details from Clubessential experts.

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