Mobile Ordering Launch Kit – Location Services, Push Notifications, and Mobile Ordering Guide


September 19, 2022

You can utilize Push Notifications, Mobile Ordering and Location Services in tandem to do amazing things – like keep your members updated on the latest specials when they visit places such as the grill room or the pool. (Push notifications can be set up when members are in proximity of certain locations, classified as either Beacons or a Geofence. Contact your CSM if you have any questions regarding Location Services.)

To set up automatic push notifications:

– Select Mobile App Admin Dashboard from the Admin toolbar.

– Choose Location Push Notifications within the left-hand panel.

– Select Create Notification.

– Name the push notification. This will only be visible to admins and is used internally for organizational purposes.

– Select the Place(s). When a member enters the place(s) selected, this notification will be sent to that member. Multiple places can be selected.

– [Optional step] Restrict the notification by member’s group status. You will see an option that says and they meet these conditions (optional)… Here you can choose whether to restrict the notification by whether a member is or is not a part of a specific group, such as only social or golf members. Do not select any groups if you wish to leave this notification unrestricted by group status.

Enter a message, such as “Stay cool by the pool – order drinks without leaving your chair!” There is a 110 character limit.

– Include a link to Mobile Ordering directly in the notification. Check the box next to Include a Link, then select Mobile App Menu Item. Scroll or search for the app’s Mobile Ordering link and select it.

– Under to the following recipients… select Send to the Member. This will send the notification to whichever members trigger it based on the criteria you set in steps five and six.

– Choose the frequency of this notification. This setting will prevent members from receiving too many notifications within a short period of time.

– Click save when your notification is ready.


We have recently created a guide that will walk you through a step by step process on how to set up push notifications at your club. Download the guide here!

Now your notifications are set up to be triggered by your members entering specific locations! Automatic, engaging notifications will be sent to your curated audiences without you lifting a finger. You can edit these notifications at any time. Congratulations!