Clubessential workstation and printer guide for private clubs opening season preparation.

It’s the time of year that many seasonal private clubs have been preparing for the entire winter.  In preparations for opening, you might consider a check-list to carry around with you to ensure your computer systems are ready on day one. Here are a few key points that should be considered and prepare you for success.


  1. Dust off and turn on your POS Workstations.
  2. Open and allow updates to run for the Windows Operating System and on the POS/Office application. 
  3. Test printing a pay receipt at each terminal. (Remember to stock extra printer paper and/or ribbons for your impact printers.)
  4. If you have a jumbled mess of cords, now would be a great time to neatly route cables, wipe everything down, and help give the computer life into the next season.
  5. Create a food/drink ticket to make sure that all prep printers are up and running. (Some clubs only have one kitchen prep printer, others have many, so check them all.  Ex: Kitchen, Expo, Salad, Cold, Hot, Bar, Pool, Grille, Pizza, Dessert)
  6. Create a ticket with items that would definitely go to each prep printer if using multiple prep printers. I.e. Salad, Dessert, Grilled Item, Alcohol, Fried Item, Sandwich, etc.
  7. Ensure that your backups are running properly, and that you have an off-site backup (cloud or physical hard drive) to help mitigate the devastation that a complete failure or Cryptovirus can cause. Keep in mind that Clubessential does not keep a copy of your data safe unless you are a Hosted client.


Some private clubs opt to have their local IT person come out and test equipment at the beginning of a season.  If you are scheduling a person on-site and need assistance while they are there, please inform us you have local IT on-site when creating a new support request.  We will try to answer your request as quickly as possible.