Learn to add employees to your Clubessential Office Suite.

With the new year and new season there will of course be new staff and returning staff to your private club. Whether you are a long time Clubessential Office user or a new user this is the time of year to refresh our memories on employee setup best practices.

Employee Groups

Groups are designed to assign Security, Area and Departmental rights all at once. Use Groups to expedite employee setup by having groups setup for each type of employee (think servers, receptionist, golf shop, pool staff, accounting, etc.). If your employees needed Security, Area or Department settings edited after choosing the Group, this might be the time to review your Groups and update them as needed.

Job Codes

Have the hourly rates for your employees changed for 2018? If so, update your Job Codes to reflect the new rates before the season begins. This may help with hourly staff who are paid the same hourly rate, but if rates vary you can also edit the rate per individual. Make sure these are correct before it creates a headache for your accounting team!


Since Groups are used to expedite the setup of the Security settings, assignment of Security settings are typically completed at that step IF you have assigned the correct Security settings in the first place. Taking the time to review what is being used for each group can save you time during the season. Assigning new staff too many security privileges can sometimes create more issues for the front of the house staff. On the other hand if you have a rockstar admin assistant who you want to help with more tasks, you can update their security at the employee level to give them the access they need.

System Settings

Make sure to assign your Clubessential POS logins for your employees! Does the employee need access to Office? Give them a username and password. Remember, all the settings in the Groups and Security affect how much the employee can do, but without a login they can’t do anything.

While this is a high level overview of our employee setup, we have plenty of resources in our Clubessential Resource Center to help you with more detailed steps with screenshots. We encourage you to share with everyone that may need this information to manage your employees and please encourage your new staff to use this resource to learn more about other modules of your software. Click here for your details!