August 2022 Newsletter — Refresh Your Club Management


August 17, 2022

The busy season is upon us, and so is the summer weather!

Clubessential is here with a refreshing wave of updates and enhancements for your club management, keeping you cool and collected in an otherwise hot, hectic season. Pay special attention to our newest Essential Suite rollout for spa management  — you can’t afford to miss this!

A spa is, by its very nature, intended to be an oasis of relaxation and luxury. But does this atmosphere of calm and ease at your club’s spa begin and end with your services alone? If so, you’re missing out on a seamless process that is necessary to attract, retain, and satisfy your members.

The Power of Integrated Data with the Membership Analytics Predictor

Clubessential’s Membership Analytics Predictor (MAP) is the first predictive analytics tool in the club industry — so you can recruit, engage, and retain members for life.

The fully integrated Essential Suite allows you to seamlessly pull data from your entire operation, including reservations, CRM, billing, and food and beverage. Score members based on their actions, such as what money is spent where, kept or missed appointments, check-ins, and more.

This powerful partnership of data and context provides a MAP engagement score, giving you and your board members the ability to make quick and informed decisions about the utilization of club services and the future of your club as a whole.

Personalize your data diving with custom variables, identify highly engaged members to pair with prospects, and create re-engagement strategies for at-risk members.

Utilize our algorithms and formulas, developed based on real data, to define benchmarks of engagement at your club. We’ve made viewing and reporting on members inside and outside of your desired thresholds easy, allowing you to send automatic communications to member groups you define. Staff will benefit from the ability to instantly view member scores as they engage with them throughout the club.

Take the guesswork out of your decisions with Clubessential’s Membership Analytics Predictor.

Talk With a Live Trainer On the Software You Use Every Day

At Clubessential, we want to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information to grow your club. If you haven’t attended one of our live virtual courses yet, check out our free education and training series. We have August packed full of courses that we’re sure will meet your needs. Get on the line to have all your questions answered so you can walk away an expert at your job.

BONUS FOR ATTENDING THESE COURSES: Not only will you be on your way to mastering Clubessential products and becoming a rock star in your position, but also our training courses are now eligible for CMAA Education Credits! All attendees will receive a follow-up email within 48 hours of the training course that can be used as “Proof of Attendance” and submitted to CMAA for 1 hour of education credit.

Take a look at the available live virtual courses for August:

For the Controller or F&B Manager:

– Accounts Payable Overview

– CE Payments: Setup Tools, Reportings, & Member Adoption

– Dining Dashboard Management

– Financial Report Writer

– F&B Management

– General Ledger Overview (Check me out, I’m new!)

– Integrating Your Calendar Events With Back Office

– Kick Start Your Mobile Ordering Platform

– Membership Analytics Predictor

– Month End For New Users

– The Power of Data Genie

– Understanding F&B Mobile POS

For the Golf & Tennis Professional:

– Retail Management

– Understanding Retail Mobile POS

– Inventory – Retail Rundown

For the General Manager or Membership Director:

– Calendar Utilization — Creating & Managing Your Events

– Creating Group Mail With Ease

– Dining Dashboard Management

– Integrating Your Calendar Events With Back Office

– Kick Start Your Mobile Ordering Platform

– Membership Analytics Predictor

– Membership Maintenance

– Prospect to Member: Making the Most of Your CRM

– Uncover the Potential of the Email Editor

For the Catering Manager:

– Banquets – Creating Events & Functions, and Adding Event Services

– Banquets – Service Menu Setup & Service Menu Components

– Banquets – Correspondence & Reporting

For questions about these training courses, reach out to [email protected].

Did you miss Clubessential’s live Quarterly Enhancement Review session on Wednesday, July 20th? Don’t worry! You can still learn more about all the great product enhancements that have gone out to you in the past 6 months. This recording of our July review session will cover all product enhancements from January through June of 2022. If you’re curious about your platform, wonder no more!

Next Gen Mobile App Improvements

Member to Staff and Staff to Member Messaging Version 1 

– In-App Messaging for members to contact staff or for staff to contact members in the app.

– Compose, view, and delete messages.

– Allows for a member to contact a group of staff or staff to contact a group of members. You determine the staff that display as available for messaging.

– Used for a variety of use cases (ex: reach out to Event Coordinator for information on hosting an event, golf staff messages a member letting them know their new clubs have arrived, Pro has a group of members in a clinic he wants to group message via the app)

– Reach out to [email protected] to enable this feature in your club’s app today!

Tee Times Improvements

– Additional Enhancements for Clubs that allow more than 1 start per tee (A,B)

– Will show A/B in a Special Event that is set to allow 2 starts per tee

– Will show A/B on the Print Tee Sheet when enabled

Office Improvements 

– New setting to display Member Price — When checked, items in Mobile POS will display the member price on the button instead of the retail price

– New wizard for Voucher Expiration — you now have the ability to change the expiration date on a voucher as well as the ability to partially or fully expire vouchers through this tool

– New wizard for Inventory Transfer — You now have the ability to transfer items from one area to another quickly and easily with just a few clicks

Mobile POS Improvements:

– New Cost + Functionality — you can now check the “Cost +” check box when using the discount functionality to quickly and easily discount an item to a certain percentage above cost.

– Servers can now add items directly to a ticket from a member’s favorites, and add member preferences directly to tickets in the form of a message.

– Training mode has come to Mobile POS. You can now mark employees as training mode employees in CMA and allow them to run through different processes including settlements in Mobile POS without fear of tickets being printed or anything flowing back to your financial systems!

Like what you see? Click here to get help implementing these new features!

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