A Generation of Generative AI: The Potential for Private Clubs

Kelsie Stone

February 15, 2024

ChatGPT launched in November of 2022, attracting roughly 100 million active users within two months. According to Reuters, that explosive number made this generative AI software the fastest-growing consumer application  ever.  

“During this frenzied period of generative AI advancement and adoption, leaders in business, technology and the public sector are under tremendous pressure to understand generative AI—and to figure out how to harness its capabilities most effectively (or at least avoid being disrupted).” – Deloitte, “The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise: Now decides next” 

The research all supports one conclusion: that generative AI (defined as software capable of generating various digital assets using generative models) is changing everything. According to a Deloitte quarterly survey, 99% of respondents expect generative AI to eventually transform their industry. 

Let that sink in. The overwhelming majority – nearly everyone surveyed – believes AI is going to revolutionize their industry. So, what does that mean for private clubs?  

History has shown us the ramifications of these wildly influential inventions. Commonly known as “disruptive technologies,” such things transform the landscape of, well, everything they touch. Like the iPhone’s introduction, forever changing everything about our daily relationship with technology, experts predict AI may soon touch every aspect of our lives. And the numbers are rolling in – industry-specific software applications already account for nearly a quarter of AI adopters. 

So, private clubs must be ready to join the march and take advantage of the rapidly multiplying power of artificial intelligence… or risk being left behind. 

Clubessential understands the wave of AI influence approaching and has harnessed its potential to create an analytics tool powered by AI specifically for private clubs. You shouldn’t have to be a statistician, mathematician, or any other kind of specialist to utilize powerful business intelligence.  

That’s why Club Intelligence was crafted. We combined the power of artificial intelligence with the data-gathering capability, user experience, and accessibility of Clubessential’s next-generation private club technology.  

Driven by easy adoption and accessibility, role-specific dashboards, and predictive and generative AI, Club Intelligence gives you visibility into your club operations the likes of which has never been possible before.  

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