Why Leaders in the Club Industry Choose Single Platforms


January 31, 2019

Everybody wants “the best” club management software. But does that mean selecting specific components from a variety of vendors (best of breed) or going with a single platform across the board?

The reality of the situation is that the software you choose is going to serve as the foundation for your club going forward. While there are pros and cons of either best of breed or integrated single platforms, the vast majority of clubs looking to grow and build new membership in the future have found that they are far better served by a single platform solution. Here’s why.

Universal Member and Data Visibility

Having a single platform means that everyone is working from the same version of the truth. It eliminates data silos and conflicting reports. You and the club will have a comprehensive view of the members and all of the activities of the club in one place. The ability to pull reports and view analytics between website, reservations, accounting, and POS modules that you can trust cannot be overemphasized. That’s how the next generation of clubs are building their success.

Lower Operating and IT Costs

Having a single system means just one vendor to call when you need support. It means that upgrades to the system won’t have unintended consequences on the rest of the platform, unlike a patched together best of breed solution. Every upgrade in a best of breed solution becomes an opportunity to break custom-built integrations and require new IT support, fraying nerves and potentially wrecking budgets. Enterprise systems will have established roadmaps and roll out advancements in a planned fashion that makes controllers happy.

Simplified Training and Improved Worker Efficiency

A single platform means that employees only need to learn one system. Onboarding is expedited through one system and aided by the fact that more tenured employees can provide on-the-job training. Efficiency is enhanced because workers are not constantly shifting back and forth between systems and interfaces, or manually pulling data to re-enter it into another system, an opportunity for errors that could compromise your results.

Reduced Security and Financial Risk

Every solution added to the system presents a new risk for security. That’s the reality of the world today. Having one secure system means that the back door opportunities for nefarious actors are minimized and easier to manage. Additionally, the chances of the solution being acquired and you being priced out of your solution are reduced.

Enhanced Member Experience

The expectations for customer experience have changed. You’re not competing with other clubs, but with expectations set by global brands. When members walk in the club, they want to feel that you know them. When they pay their bills, they want to see it in their account in real-time. And they want to communicate through their preferred channels, their favorite shoe company can do that, they expect no less from their club. Single platforms provide the universal view required to make it happen.

The Final Score

For clubs looking to get the clearest picture of their club and member activities across board, a single platform solution is far more than hype, it’s the smart choice. It creates a unified view that gets everyone marching in the same direction. It eliminates conflicting reports caused by multiple systems, enabling progressive club leaders to launch initiatives with confidence and report results without questions.

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