Dynamic Groups now offers a Yesterday date function so you can create groups based on yesterday's data.

What we do yesterday has a big impact on today, which is why we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of yesterday by using dynamic groups.

"Yesterday" is Clubessential’s newest dynamic date feature within dynamic groups, which allows you to create groups of members based on what they did yesterday. So, what does this mean exactly for email marketing campaigns? It means never missing out on the opportunity to send perfectly timed emails, like "welcome to the club", or "we need your feedback on your recent purchase".


Check out this scenario: 1) You want to thank members for purchasing wine at your club last night. 2) You also want to send out promotional material on another event coming up and 3) Obtain feedback on their experience. The day after is a great time to fire off the email marketing campaign. Create a new dynamic group of all members that purchased wine by using the Chit details for ‘wine’, then apply the Charge Date field and set the dynamic date function of Yesterday. Then, set up your email campaign to send to those members. Within the email, you can then market additional promotional material for upcoming events while thanking the member for their patronage. You can even go a step further and link to a feedback form to obtain insight on their experience.


The Yesterday date function isn’t just for purchases. If you have new members, you can set up a group based on a join date of Yesterday. Then, create a recurring, daily email to target those new members. This email marketing campaign for new members is a great way to show them around the website and where to find important tools like the: member directory, statements, reservations tools, and calendar events. See an example email below:



Getting Inspired?


Here are a few other ideas on how to use the dynamic date feature ‘Yesterday’, today.

  • Purchased items thank you note
  • Overdue payment reminders
  • Items purchased by using Chit Level + Purchase Date

For more information on creating and maintaining groups, click here.