University Yacht Club | Customer Story


October 28, 2022

In one of the most tumultuous seasons in recent memory, University Yacht Club found itself in need of a new club management system. Every industry suddenly needed instant digitalization overnight, with robust capabilities to address every potential scenario the rapidly changing world might require.

This Clubessential Customer Success Story highlights University Yacht Club and what led them to Clubessential – as well as the effects of that decision on their club, members, and staff.

“We looked at several different platforms, and no one else came close to CE in meeting the features and functionalities we were looking for.” – Mike Lee, UYC Bridge Officer / Secretary

Q: What made you start looking for another software, and what made you choose Clubessential?

Answer from Mike Lee: The digitalization opportunities … we realized through COVID that, in order to engage members, we needed them to be able to interact with the club on their phone. What CE enabled over every other – you know, we looked at several different platforms – and no one else came close to Clubessential in meeting the features and functionalities we were looking for.

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