You work hard to create an exceptional experience for your members. You’ve poured over plans for capital improvements, ensured that your food and cocktail menus reflect the latest trends, and updated your website technology.

But when it comes to money transactions – members making and you receiving payments – has your process evolved and kept pace? If not, is that the experience you want members to have with your club? Thankfully there is a better way.


Taking the Pain Out of Club Payments

Your members are used to the convenience of conducting their business online and through their mobile devices. What they’re not accustomed to and won’t stand for is waiting days and weeks for … well almost anything. By incorporating online statements and payments you can make it easy for your members to view and pay their statements through a user-friendly mobile responsive layout. The reality is that most of your members bill-paying probably has gone digital already, so you’re meeting them in the direction they’re going if they’re not already there. You, in turn, reduce the monthly hassle of mailing out member statements and collecting payments through paper checks. 

By partnering with Clubessential as your payment processor, the entire operation is made even more simple. That would mean you would have one trusted partner to handle all of your club’s payment needs from start to finish, and the process could likely be much faster. For example, Clubessential CE Payments delivers the possibility of next business day funding for most clubs, consolidated settlement reporting, and simplified reconciliation process.

Nicole Adams, Director of Finance & Administration, Green Tree Country Club says, “It makes the reconciling process so much easier. It changed my ACH payments bank reconciliation process from 1-2 hours to less than 30 minutes. The members having the option to schedule payments has also been a big benefit!”

The fact is that the benefits of modern payments are widespread and comprehensive, permeating the entire club. Check out this infographic to see how, from faster funding to increased security. Or watch this webinar to discover how CE Payments can streamline operations for you and enhance the experience for your members.