Staying Nimble is Critical When the Ball Never Stops


October 6, 2021

Established in 1966, the Mullholland Tennis club offers stunning views, great amenities, and courts bathed in Southern California sun-shine available year-round to its hundreds of members. What it doesn’t offer for its controller Jon MacMillan is a minute of rest or a slow season.

”We have enough sunshine to do tennis clinics and play year-round with just an occasional rain-out,” he says. That’s why being quick and efficient are paramount to his back-office operations, and why he is glad he’s using Clubessential to help lead the member experience forward. We were grateful that he was able to make time in his busy schedule for a quick conversation.

Q: How does Clubessential help you lead Mullholland Tennis Club forward? 

A: It (Clubessential) enables me to drill down and get information a lot easier than our previous vendor. With that software, I had to open up one module, go into the other module and manually go down to that area. Now with Clubessential, it is a lot easier to get information when I can click on something and open up another window and it drills right to it.

Q: How does Clubessential enhance the member experience and interactions with your position?

A: Members have access to their statements and can view all the details that go along with it – that enhances their experience. They know what to charge, they know what their tickets are, and they can make online payments via the statement. So that has been a big plus.

Q: How was your club impacted by COVID? 

A: Well, last year we were only shut down for two months, March 15th to May 15th, 2020. And we decreased our dues to our members by 10% and then waived all the food and beverage obligations. Just now in June 2021 is when we reinstated that 10%. And then we reinstated the food and beverage obligation to members on July 1 of this year. From an operations standpoint, it was easy. I didn’t have any challenges and was able to navigate in and know how to shut it down.

Q. What is one thing you like most about working with Clubessential?

The best thing is that it’s integrated with all of the modules of accounts payable, accounts receivable, membership, and marketing in the general ledger. That lets me see everything, and get to it really quickly.

Ace Your Member Expectations

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