The safety of your members and staff is and should always be a top priority. Now that many states are restricting indoor activities based on vaccination status, it places another layer of responsibility on club management.

If you need to manage vaccination data, we have the tools you need. Federal law doesn't restrict private businesses from asking for proof of vaccination, although some states may pass their own laws on the issue.  Prior to storing any vaccination information, it is strongly suggested that your club consult with legal counsel. With that in place, many clubs already have the tools they’ll need to effectively manage the necessary information. 

Gather and Store Information

The first step is to gather information from your members. This can be done in a variety of ways, from email to text to push notifications. It’s critical that you reach as many members as possible, so utilize the channels they frequent most and respond to. Next, make sure you have a place to store that information. This might require that custom or additional fields be created. 

Safely Streamline Processes

With the information gathered and entered into the system, you can make it simple and discreet for your staff and members to enjoy the club. You can create dynamic groups that identify those that are vaccinated and information can be deployed throughout the club. For example, you could create a POS message that displays their vaccination status whenever someone is added to a ticket, ensuring that groups meet the requirements. You could present members with a message to confirm their vaccination status whenever they log in to a club system. Or you could incorporate a variety of options for limiting reservations, tee times, etc. permissions based on vaccination status. 


Next Steps

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