For years clubs have relied on hunches, intuition, general observation, and basic historical information to create a mental image of member engagement.

The results were fuzzy at best, packed with blind spots at worst, and not really tangible. It certainly was not something you would present to a board of directors. And still, too often the first sign that a member was at risk was a cancellation notice. Those days are over.

The Club Industry’s First Predictive Analytics Tool

Clubessential’s Membership Analytics Predictor (MAP) solution is the club industry’s first predictive analytics tool. MAP allows you to incorporate five different variables as to what constitutes an engaged member using information that’s already collected in your system. With that information and your rules, MAP creates models to identify who is engaged and predict who is at risk. With a simple click, you can view an individual member’s activity trend analysis. You’ll know instantly who has fallen below the engagement threshold (that you set) and be able to initiate a re-engagement strategy.

The Next Generation Looks Forward

Waiting for member engagement to dip into the danger zone of cancellation is not how the next generation of club leaders operate. Using MAP they are constantly in tune with how members are using the club, what’s well received and what can be improved. They’re able to balance club expenditures with the member experience and deliver where it counts the most. They are constantly moving the bar for expectations, with the confidence inspired by data.


How Does the Clubessential MAP Module Work?

The MAP Module is built into Clubessential Office. Following is a simple overview of the process and the insights leaders are achieving.  

1. Select a time period to view, such as 12 months or 24 months.

2. Pick which criteria to score for, including money spent at the club, years of membership, late payments, and the number of reservations made.

3. Include MRM as a category for building Office Groups. These will sync to Axis and allow for hyper-targeted marketing.

4. View reports, including the MAP Interactive Report that shows engaged and/or disengaged members at a glance and MAP Member vs Average Profile, which compares specific member behavior to the average member.

5. Recalculate the MAP score with adjusted formulas for weighting criteria that are critical to your club and market.  

The Clubessential MAP Module is the only predictive analytics tool developed specifically for the club industry. Because it’s created by a company dedicated to the club industry, it provides the data and insights that you need – it’s not a solution force-fit into a new industry or unfamiliar space.  It’s how the next generation of club leaders will recruit, engage, and retain #members4life.


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