Next-Level Dining Experiences for Members and Staff

Kelsie Stone

November 15, 2022


Utilizing the Clubessential Kitchen Display System to equip staff, delight members, and improve kitchen efficiencies.

Dining services are a significant factor in your club’s member experience – and one of the most easily disrupted. Few things cause more frustration for your members and staff than long wait times, incorrect or missing orders, or delays that could have been prevented. Your kitchen management software can make or break your member’s dining experience.

Club members expect frictionless, convenient service – on-demand. And that service shouldn’t have to be limited to traditional food and beverage dining halls. Today’s members want mobile ordering, snacks delivered straight to the pool, or even groceries or meal kits to take on-the-go.

These expectations surpass any one standalone experience. The world is hyper-connected, and members want their clubs to be as well.

Comprehensive experiences are everywhere – at the dentist, the pharmacy, grocery stores, even streaming services – the hallmark of the 21st century is all-in-one. Everywhere members look in their lives off the club grounds, there are seamless systems working together to create incredible experiences that combine information and communication that meet their every need.

How can you surpass the rising expectations of members without overburdening staff, overwhelming your resources, or overspending your budget?

Introducing the Clubessential Kitchen Display System

It’s time for your dining experience to rise to the occasion with new tools that have been carefully crafted to serve your members better, streamline your kitchen, and improve your services with data-driven insights.

With a sleek, intuitive interface that was designed with your staff and club members in mind, the Clubessential Kitchen Display System is the Next Generation of dining. KDS works seamlessly with our Membership Analytics Predictor and Mobile First experiences, from our Next Gen Mobile App to our Cloud-Based Mobile POS, and works harmoniously with the entire Essential Suite. Our software communicates more so you can worry about less.

Clubessential’s KDS equips your club to:

– Increase insight into dining trends using benchmark reporting

– Employ a cohesive system to better serve and delight your members

– Enjoy enhanced visibility into real-time service

– Improve staff efficiency and kitchen-to-server communication

– Inform club-wide membership analytics with dining trends and previously untapped data

Mobile-integrated solutions like the Kitchen Display System are essential to identifying and solving real-time problems as they arise. Put handwritten errors, environmental impacts, and other antiquated problems in the past by transitioning to Clubessential’s mobile-first Essential Suite.

With Clubessential, every member touchpoint at your club serves as a new piece of data that allows you to better understand your members, improve your services, and garner insight that will take your club to the next level – from essential to extraordinary.

Learn More About Clubessential’s Kitchen Display System

– Meet the new Kitchen Display System (KDS) from Clubessential

– Explore valuable data points that will dramatically improve your kitchen efficiency

– Identify powerful new ways to drive exceptional experiences utilizing member dining data

– Reveal the power of next-generation mobile technology for your dining operation

Learn how to equip staff, delight members, and improve kitchen efficiencies by watching our webinar recording, “Next-Level Dining Experiences for Members and Staff!”

Curious about what KDS could do for your club?

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