How to Remove Headaches from your Large Scale Events


January 26, 2019

Hosting large sale events are a unique opportunity to showcase a fabulous member experience to not only your club members, but their guests as well.

Those kind of experiences can certainly help propel membership interest and turn your guests into potential members. Whether it is a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, holiday party, corporate golf outing or charity event, these events offer the perfect occasion to show off your club’s many attributes.

Everything from scheduling deposits before the event, to personalized communications before and after the event, can be accomplished in the Clubessential Banquets module. It is vital to the event planning process to have all materials, notes, timelines, room diagrams, and correspondence records in one location; all these important details will live inside of your Event, on your Event Calendar. That event history will continue to be available as you organize similar events or your client is so “wowed” they want to repeat the event next year.

Event Lifecycle technology guides you through the planning process and allows club managers to better automate event execution. Next steps are assigned as “Tasks”, ensuring that no information is accidentally forgotten and builds consistent business practices among users.

When it comes to communicating with clients and your internal team, best practice is to use the email tools within the module for the most efficiency. Recording payments, verifying attendance and customizing menus are all easily achieved. Professional BEOs, invoices and agreements can be quickly generated and certainly project an image of excellence.  Add in E-signature capabilities and days at a time can be saved!

After the event, simplified billing to Clubessential CMA/Office makes everyone’s life a little easier, with no need to ring in the event charges separately.

Large scale events = no headaches with Clubessential Banquets.