Learn how to create events using our Calendar tool and the difference between multi-day and single day events.

Creating events on your calendar can be stressful. If you’ve spent some time entering in information, only to find that you’ve created the wrong type of event, you might be feeling like this –

Understanding the difference of the types of events is critical to getting your schedule entered correctly, and ensuring that members are able to use your site to sign up for events at your private club. Once you understand the difference between a “Single Day” and a “Multi-Day” event, then you’ll be feeling a bit more like this –

Making the Right First Decision

The most confusing aspect of differentiating between event types is the names. If you’re setting up a new schedule for your club’s Yoga classes, do you use a Single Day or a Multi-Day event? Or what about a Golf Tournament that goes over several days?

A new Yoga schedule would be best implemented using the Single Day events. When you make a Single Day event, you are making a timeslot that members can sign up for, which you can then clone to other dates and times. These events are singular, so members can sign up for just a class on Wednesday, without being signed up for any other classes.

A Golf Tournament over several days would be better suited to using a Multi-Day event. If the tournament is running over Friday and Saturday, you could make a Multi-Day event over those two days. Since the events are linked, when members make their registration they  are signed up for both days, and once the event gets started members would not able to sign up for just one day.

Still with me?

What Have I Done?

If you find that you’ve made your entire schedule of events the wrong way, then don’t fret! It does not take long to correct your calendar.

You can find out if an event on your calendar is a Single Day or Multi-Day event by looking at a few key settings. If you see the prompt for Cloning the event, or editing a Linked Group of events, then you are looking at a Single Day event.

If you can see a button asking you to Add Dates, then you’re looking at a Multi-Day event.

If you’ve identified that you have the wrong type, then you will have to make a new schedule with the correct type, then delete the one that’s wrong. Luckily, since you can easily clone events and add times, then most of the work you do goes into creating that first event. Once you’ve got that down it’s simple to get those events loaded into your schedule.

If you have some more questions about the ins and outs of creating events, you can refer to this more in-depth article we have on Creating Events, as well as reach out to your support representatives.