Clubs are built on relationships, interactions, and personal experience. What happens when unexpected events put a wall between our club and our members? Just a few years ago, it would have been disappointing to our members and potentially disastrous for the club and staff.

Today with technology there are many ways that we can continue to engage members while minimizing risk. One of the best ways was already a growing trend in the club industry prior to recent events. We’re talking about carryout orders, and right now it’s a benefit to all parties involved. And with mobile ordering, the process could literally take place without any physical contact. If you’ve already instituted mobile ordering, see how you optimize your member experience for carryout orders here:  Optimize the Member Carryout Experience. If you haven’t yet, here are several reasons to implement mobile ordering now.

Members Crave It

Without a doubt, your kitchen is one of your members’ favorite things about your club. Right now it can also offer a sense of normalcy and comfort – far more than the ordinary fare they’re going to receive from other local restaurants and delivery services. 

Keep Staff On Board and Busy

You know how hard it is to find and keep the right people. Doing everything you can to retain your best staff in trying times isn’t something that will go unnoticed. It helps build loyalty and camaraderie as your team works together through challenges. 

Maintain Revenue Flow

Revenue from food and beverages is always critical to a club’s bottom line. In times like these, it might well be some of the only revenue other than dues that a club is going to see. And with food carryout the members immediately get the benefit, not just the cost.

Minimize Waste

Odds are that you already have food and ingredients on hand with a limited shelf-life. Carryout provides an opportunity to turn those ingredients into special menu items before they’re wasted. 

Top of Members' Minds

You’ve worked hard to be the first choice of members for any number of things. When those other experiences are limited, it’s critical to shine where you can. Mobile ordering gives you that opportunity while keeping your club safe, relevant, and valued at the same time. 


Adjusting Club and Member Expectations

At a time when social distancing is becoming the new norm, please know that we here at Clubessential are committed to supporting you and your club with a solution that will foster the engagement you are looking for, without the risks you aren’t.  We look forward to supporting you through this unexpected journey. Be sure to follow us on social and look for emails from us to stay current with the latest news. 


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