How Hillendale Country Club Conquered the Software Search

Kelsie Stone

October 17, 2023

Hillendale Country Club’s challenge was all too familiar in the private club industry: the club was growing, but their software was not.

When their dining facilities underwent a full renovation, President Gabrielle Hart knew it was time to seek out a software upgrade. She entrusted the software search to board members Tag Wagner and Brad Pollard, whose respective experiences in technology and cybersecurity made them excellent candidates to lead the quest. 

Hillendale’s board and stakeholders agreed upon a set of requirements for their desired software, which ignited a search for a solution that would meet every need: 

 – Cloud-based software with excellent security 

 – Multiple solutions from one provider that integrate and work seamlessly together 

 – Robust reporting for the board 

 – Improved reservation systems to help members access club amenities more reliably 

 – A forward-looking approach to investing in and enhancing the private club industry 

When Hillendale came across Clubessential, the decision to make the software switch was secured. The board and staff alike knew Clubessential would see and meet their needs as a club, especially as they grew into new offerings and services.   

Wagner spoke about the results of the switch in a Clubessential customer panel during the 2023 Digital Summit: “The staff has been excited to be able to dive into what, you know, they’ve described as endless amounts of data that can drive the club operations.” 

Wagner discussed the impact of this technology migration in the panel, saying that their previous inability to track investments has now been rectified. After launching a two-bay golf simulator, “it was guesswork in terms of what the return on that investment was,” said Wagner. Now, post-deployment, Hillendale has much greater visibility into “the actual impact of an investment.” 

Alongside these palpable benefits were other quantifiable results such as increased revenue from event reservations, mobile ordering, and more. More capable reporting has led the club to staff more efficiently and pre-determine labor needs according to actual club data. 

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