Beacons are a product Clubessential offers that work hand in hand with the app and allows for your club to better enhance member’s experiences.

Imagine, it’s 75 and sunny out and you are hitting the course with your best foursome.  As you are closing out the 16th hole you get a notification on your phone letting you know what the lunch specials are in the Club Grille.  You think to yourself “hmmm, a turkey club sandwich and a cold beer sounds great after a round of golf”.  Right from that notification you can easily make a reservation in the Grille for whole group (all before teeing off on the 17th hole.)  How amazing does that sound?!

Using signals transmitted through bluetooth, beacons make scenarios like the one above possible for your members . As members pass various beacons throughout the club their smartphone are sent notifications with relevant and useful information.


Here is what a beacon looks like:

Small but powerful!


Below are a few quick facts about our beacons:


  • For your members to receive notifications from the beacons, they will need to have the club’s app downloaded on their phone, Bluetooth and Location Services turned on and push notifications turned on for the app.
  • Beacons can be placed wherever you would like throughout the club - open locations or high locations are better as it prevents the signal from bouncing.
  • Only place beacons on non-metal surfaces as metal surfaces can cause the beacon signal to bounce.
  • Beacons are weather proof meaning allowing you to place them outdoors as well as indoors.
  • Beacons run on four AA batteries - Clubessential tracks the battery life of each beacon and alerts you when batteries are running low.
  • Clubessential offers a dedicated beacon team that is available to help you through the beacon setup process.
  • If you have the Clubessential CRM then beacon information can flow directly into the CRM.


Having troubling with members turning off push notifications?


One method we pass along, is to make the membership aware that the club will be sending specials, and coupons for free or discounted items. Maybe a discount on golf balls, or a coupon 'show this to the bar to receive a complimentary cocktail - valid until XYZ date.'  Because, well - everybody likes free stuff!

This seems to be well received, and from those using beacons, the membership seems to enjoy the updates and specials.


Click here if you are interested in learning more about the app and beacons.