Creating a basic list using HTML is a simple way to organize content.

Using the HTML editor might seem intimidating if you don’t know HTML, but it’s actually really easy to learn and it’s the best way to keep your site looking neat, clean and consistent. One of the easiest things to make in HTML are lists.

If you’ve seen bullet points on a site but haven’t been able to figure out how to add them to a page yourself, or if your numbered lists don’t look consistent from page to page, you might be surprised to learn how easy it is to use HTML to fix these problems.


BlogScreencap1.jpgThe first step in making a list in HTML is to decide which type of list you want to make. There are two types of HTML lists: unordered and ordered. Unordered lists use bullet points, and ordered lists give list items in sequential order using numbers, letters or numerals.


BlogScreencap3.jpgTo start building a list using HTML, select the HTML button at the bottom of the Axis editor.


BlogScreencap4.jpgOnce you’re looking at the HTML of the page, you need what’s called an “opening tag.” The opening tag for an unordered list is <ul> and for an ordered list it’s <ol>.


BlogScreencap5.jpgEach list item is wrapped in a list tag, which means that every item needs <li> before it and </li> at the end. It’s very important to remember to close every HTML tag you open.


BlogScreencap6.jpgOnce you have all of your list items, don’t forget to close the <ul> or <ol> tags you opened at the very beginning of the list by using </ul> or </ol>.


BlogScreencap7.jpgAnd that’s it! If your list doesn’t look right, the best thing to do is check and make sure that you’ve closed all of the tags you opened, and that all of the opening and closing tags are in the right places.