The Clubessential Calendar & Event Manager tool are great resources to help ease the event registration process.

The amount of work that goes into getting The Club ready for a big event can be daunting right?

Why not make it a little easier?

Clubessential’s Event Manager tool is a great way to stay on top of who will be attending, how many people are in each party, and any other details that may be important.

Setting this up accurately is so important. Tips and tricks to getting registration setup can be found in the Clubessential Client Resource Center.

Once the Event Manager is all set up, the big question is how do you encourage members to RSVP online? 

Make It Easy

Members should not have to search around to find the event.  Use cross marketing to drive traffic to the event page so that they can easily register.  It is important to ALWAYS have a link back to the event registration page so that members are only 1 click away from registering.

  • Hyperlinks in important emails are a great tool to drive traffic to a specific event.  Promote upcoming events in regularly scheduled emails like this:

event blog.png

  • Highlight upcoming events on high traffic pages on the website.  The “tee-times page” or “book a court” page are just a few places that are ideal for driving traffic back to the calendar.

Social Media

A common mistake with social media is that clubs tend to try and drive traffic from the site to the social media accounts.  This is driving traffic off your website.  Once the user is off the site it is a lot harder to get them back. So, why not use social media as a tool to drive traffic back to your website?  

Use Social Media as place to promote upcoming events and ALWAYS include a hyperlink back to the event sign up page.  Something simple like “Join us at the club for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt on April 16th.  Hunt starts at 10 AM sharp! Click here to register.” This allows for traction not only on social media, but also on your website. In addition to traffic to your website, you can then easily use the website tools to manage the event registrations. Important details and an easy call to action are two things to always remember when encouraging members to sign up for an event.