“Clubs are facing a crossroads: adapt or become irrelevant.”

That line from the Billy Casper Signature website sums up what a lot of clubs know: things are changing and fast. The one constant is that people want to be with their friends. That could be connecting with them on social media. It could be through relationships formed physically at clubs. Or more likely, a combination of those things when clubs get the member experience and engagement right. That’s what they strive to do at Billy Casper Signature.


Innovate or … There’s Really No Other Option

One thing for certain is that the status quo is not a path to success. “It's not about doing or being the same things that everyone else is,” says Danielle Hopper, National Director of Private Club Sales.  “It's about who's the most innovative, who's got the next big thing, who is changing with the times.”

For that reason, innovation is not just a word at Billy Casper Signature, but an expectation laid out by their namesake. It’s easy to see when you look at the structure and the list of accomplishments that the team continues to take this message to heart. Often that search for what’s next has led to technology. “We're constantly looking for ways to improve our member experience and how we track our member engagement. Clubessential is a big part of that,” according to Danielle. “Having an operational platform that can adapt to the needs of each Club and its Members is necessary to be successful,” adds Matt Wilson, Director.


Listening Leads to Innovation and Results

“The next generation of private club users are very different from our parents and have different expectations – not only in how they want to engage with the club but in how we communicate with them,” says Matt.

Where others are just now wondering how they’ll address these new members, the team at Billy Casper Signature has stayed a step ahead. “Whether we have the answer or not, we're programmed to be able to adjust to what we need to,” states Matt. “I don’t think anyone can say what’s next, but the key is to stay nimble and flexible.”

One great example of the team’s innovation and listening sprang naturally from conversations with people in the industry. “Everyone wants to be invited to the club,” says Danielle. But what they also found was that there wasn’t an efficient and modern way to do that. So they created it. “Now our clients, our guests, tournament holders, or anyone can send out custom invitations to guests for an event at the club or whatever it may be. It sets the reservation and allows them to pay online,” states Danielle. The tool is very specific to clubs and enhances the member experience in a way that delights everyone involved. 

Another tool has them listening to the data. It has taken them into the futuristic world of predictive analytics and dynamic marketing, enabling them to track rounds of golf every single day based on weather, time, and other factors. “It shows us exactly when and how to price the available golf rounds for the day to optimize for pricing,” says Danielle. “It’s truly mind-blowing. It continues to surprise us every day.”


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

The listening and learning never stops at Billy Casper Signature and the team is always looking for feedback. For example, Danielle relayed something that happened recently. “We survey our members regularly to make sure that we're providing the right information at the right time through the right channels. While typically email is the number one communication channel, recently a club jumped out and preferred text messaging. Is that an isolated incident or the start of a trend? We don’t know yet. But either way, we let the team know and will continue to listen so that we can communicate effectively.”

While no one knows the answer to what’s next, or what new innovation will take the club industry by storm, we won’t be surprised to see Billy Casper Signature leading the way – they’re built for innovation.


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