When does the member experience start at your club? Historically, we'd say that experience would start the moment the member arrives through the gate.

We'd coach our staff to greet them with a wave and by their name at the car, at the door, at the table, and everywhere else throughout the property. We'd make judgements based on the time of day and history as to why they are there and do our best to anticipate their needs. It would take time and experience, but eventually we'd reach an acceptable level of personalization.

Today, that experience extends away from the gate and to the members drive way and even into their home. Through technology, we know when club members have a dinner reservation or tee time. We don't have to wait until they arrive to start the experience. We can send emails or SMS messages at key times leading up to the event. For example, if we know their dinner plans coincide with a wedding anniversary, we could suggest a special bottle of wine or table instead of their usual choices. If we know the member is entertaining new guests on the golf course we can suggest something special at the turn or after the round, and prime both guests and members with information leading up to their time. 

Afterward, we can follow up with thank you messages, share pictures, or even a video of their time at the club to help them recall their great time. Because all of the information is stored, anyone on the staff can be empowered to deliver a level of personalization that previously took years of experience to accumulate. 

Discover how member experience experts in other industries, including in the NBA and The Second City, are applying the idea of a driveway to driveway experience and hear ideas you can implement in the club space today. Checkout an on-demand recording of The Driveway-to-Driveway Experience webinar, one of our most requested.