Clubessential Quarterly Newsletter — Announcing Our Newsletter News!

Kelsie Stone

September 19, 2023

The summer swing continues as clubs across the nation deal with scorching temperatures and temperamental weather ranging from extreme thunderstorms to hurricanes! We hope everyone is staying safe and taking advantage of Clubessential’s various communication tools to engage with members related to emergencies. Access helpful links about these tools below. 

We’ve also got some news: The Clubessential newsletter is shifting to a quarterly cadence. With your clubs busier and more engaged with your members than ever, we hope this change will support you as our supplementary content and news is filtered to be highly relevant and helpful.  

In light of this change, a monthly educational newsletter has been created. If you’re not receiving the Clubessential Classroomcheck out how to sign up below. 


Upcoming! We’ll be at the Golf Inc Show in La Quinta, California from September 20-22. We’d love to meet with you there – drop by our booth and say hello to Jeff and Dan! 

We also look forward to the following events: 

  • HFTP in Indianapolis – October 18-20 
  • CMAA regional show in Milwaukee – October 23 
  • PVCMA regional show in Plymouth Meeting – October 23 

We enjoyed connecting with many of you at the following events: 

  • Carolinas Chapter CMAA in Charlotte – August 20 
  • FL CMAA regional show in Bonita Springs – August 28-30 
  • NCC regional show in Washington, DC – August 28 
  • ACCP in Chicago – September 10-12 
  • PCMA in Montgomery – September 18-20

We hope to see you soon!

The Clubessential Classroom 

We’re thrilled to share with you Clubessential’s exclusive new e-newsletter featuring educational content designed to assist and empower you in all your club management goals. It’s our mission to help you accelerate your club management from essential to extraordinary, and that means making sure you have every resource you need for your club to thrive.  

Watch your inbox on the last day of each month to stay in the know on all our newest education and training updates! 

If you’d like to receive the Club Essential Classroom…

These two features are standing to supercharge communication in your club’s mobile app – at no additional cost! Meet Community Feed and In-App Messaging, two enhancements designed to improve your member experience through convenience and community conversation. 

Community Feed

Community Feed is a message board or news feed where staff and members can post to foster interaction and community within the app, with various capabilities such as push notifications and administrative controls. With posting that supports images, text, and links, this feed becomes an instant new favorite place for your members to interact.  

In-App Messaging

Two-way, In-App Messaging has arrived to increase socialization and personalization, removing needless barriers between you and your members. Several clubs utilize In-App Messaging to increase their level of member service by funneling requests directly where they need to go. Which staff can be messaged by members is entirely up to you, allowing you to funnel the most important questions directly to their desired audience.  

Stay tuned for more information about these exciting new enhancements or reach out to us below to get started adding them to your club’s Next Gen Mobile App today. 

Contact Us About These Features!

We heard you loud and clear – this highly requested new feature is just for you.

Now available: Editing a Blocked Series of Courts

In the past, it was necessary to remove a recurring block series if for some reason you needed to make an adjustment, like switching the number of blocked courts or adjusting the time of a block for future dates. Now we’ve made it simpler than ever.

Simply click Add/Edit Recurring Block and you will be able to adjust the Block Titlestart/end time, and courts in the series going forward. If you have any questions about how to use this new feature, please reach out to [email protected].

We’re thrilled to partner with you as we continue to shape the landscape of the private club industry. Thank you for your support, ideas, and patronage. We look forward to crafting new technology and solutions for you as our collaboration grows!

Business continuity is always important – especially during times when there may be unexpected circumstances that impact your business. Below you’ll find information and best practices we recommend in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

Using your Club’s Website:
Your website has several tools to help you communicate with your members and employees during emergency situations:

– First Impression – Your website comes equipped with a tool that allows you to display important messages to members upon logging in, but before they get to your private website’s home page.

– Click here for an overview of the First Impressions tool

– Blast Email Engine – Your website’s email engine allows you to churn out high volumes of emails that can be easily targeted to all members or targeted subsets of the membership. You can also prepare email templates ahead of time so that you can quickly send messages when needed.

– Consult this resource center for assistance composing an email

– Text Messaging (SMS) – The Text Messaging Tool allows you to send text messages to all members who have opted-in to receive text messages.

– Click here for an overview of text messaging

– Push Notifications – If your Club has the Clubessential Mobile App, you can send push notifications to members who’ve downloaded the app.

– Click here for an overview of push notifications

Keep in mind our emergency support line is available 24/7 at 1-800-448-1475.

Reservations Improvements

— Added the bag number to the printed tee sheet for Tee Times

— Added the ability for users to edit the end date for a block series in Court Reservations

Spa Mgmt/Professional Services Reservations Improvements

— Added Admin Reservation Notes so admins can add private notes about a member’s reservation

— Added a Cancelation cutoff setting to prevent members from canceling reservations in violation of club rules when enabled

— Added the ability to edit services for past reservations

— Added the ability for specialists to mark past reservations as “checked-in”, “confirmed”, or “No Show”

— Added Spa Mgmt/Professional Service reservations to the My Reservations plugin on the website

— Added auto-updates to reflect changes on the schedule after reservations are added or edited from the Admin schedule without the need to refresh

— Party name updates were added to the “quick edit” window

— Added a “+” to the service/duration for reservations on the schedule view to indicate an add-on exists

— Add ons will now mirror the Service setup, with options to associate an add on with a specific duration, provider, item or SKU, and price, in addition to the ability to override price.

— Added a new setting for administrators “Has Access to Admin Setup”- when enabled, administrators will have access to Admin Setup for managing providers, services, etc. If disabled, Administrators will not see or have access to Admin Setup but will have administrative booking rights within the system.

— Added a “View Only” permission for providers, where providers will be able to view their appointments, member notes, comments, and admin notes, but will not be able to take action on any bookings.

— Added a new System Setting for Admins called “Allow Specialists to Add/Edit Reservations in the past”. It can be toggeled on or off for all specialists. When toggled on, specialists will be able to make edits to everything that an admin can for past reservations, including scheduling new reservations in the past and canceling (even past the cancelation cutoff). When toggled off, specialists can check-in, confirm and mark as no-show & they can also add or edit notes, but they can’t make any other adds/edits for past reservations. Past reservations that have already been charged can NOT be edited by anyone.

KDS Improvements:

— Clubs that are utilizing our KDS system will now see a new Notification Icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen which will display the 10 most recent events in the KDS helping their kitchen staff to track what is going on during a busy time period

— Clubs utilizing our KDS system may now also notice that the overall ticket timer has been uncapped from the previous cap of 99:59 allowing for more precie reporting on any ticket that was in the KDS longer than 99 min 59s

— The KDS Bump Bar will now also switch between table # and ticket # when a user presses on the ticket header to help eliminate confusion when information is being called out to the kitchen staff

Like what you see? Click here to get help implementing these new features!

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