Mobile solutions and apps are no longer a nice to have luxury for clubs – it’s how members connect with the club and clubs provide enhanced experiences for their members.

The combination of mobile app, mobile ordering, mobile POS and reservations are forever changing the club environment. This process was dramatically accelerated over the last several months. Hear what these customers had to say about their experience with Clubessential Mobile solutions and how it is leading their clubs forward. 


What Clubs Say About Clubessential Mobile Solutions

“During the 2020 Season, Exmoor like many other Clubs had to pivot in more ways than one. One of the biggest key resources was having the club at our members’ fingertips! The Exmoor Branded Mobile App, has been a savior for all of us. Our members can make reservations, order food, and contact key staff with a click of their phone!” 
- Dale Bloom, Exmoor Country Club

“The members absolutely love it and boy are they using it. The staff—well change is change and they are getting used to it. But from a member standpoint, they love the convenience and ease of using the mobile ordering app.

We are sending out push notifications for events and got over 100 people to sign up for a pizza social on the first pass! The registration and check-in system is also new to us and boy are they following protocol using that just in case we need to do any COVID tracing. I cannot tell you enough how pleased I am with everything.” 
- Denise Balboni-Cowie, Meadow Brook Golf Club


“The silver lining of the pandemic year was that our Members paid a lot more attention to Club communication. We were able to send them detailed information on how easy the app was to use, and no need to wait on the phone. And now ¾ of our To Go orders are coming through the mobile ordering solution on the club app. It has created a great pace for our Kitchen, and Members can order from their app on the course and have their food ready when they are done. We have even started a Home Delivery system and Golf Course cocktail delivery, all through the App."
- Ellen Phillips, Round Hill Country Club

“Our experience with the Mobile App, Mobile POS, and Mobile Ordering has been nothing short of incredible. We never envisioned a pandemic taking place when we decided to utilize Clubessential’s services. I can now tell you; we are fortunate that we did. Mobile Ordering alone has been a tremendous asset. Members can order their food to go and have no physical interaction with any team members. We then pack their food up to go and leave it on a table for the member to grab and eat. This service has saved us labor and provided a high touch experience for our Members.”
- Damien Gallardo, Wing & Barrel Ranch

The Future of Clubs is Mobile

Once members experience the convenience of mobile, they’re not going back. But the advantages might be even greater for clubs. Having a digital connection to members enables clubs to better understand members and enhance how they use the club to the benefit of all. For more information about the advantages, schedule a consultation with one of our experts now. 



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