Learn how Montgomery Country Club uses the Clubessential Website, Mobile App, and Operations & POS suite to improve operations and member engagement.

We recently spoke with Nettie Bresee, Chief Financial Officer at Montgomery Country Club, to find out how she and her team have improved their marketing efforts, expanded their member communication abilities, and gained better insights into their financial operations through their Website, Mobile App, and Office Accounting & POS Suite — all powered by Clubessential. 




Q: In August 2016, Montgomery Country Club launched a newly designed Clubssential-powered website and mobile app. Why did your team invest in those upgraded platforms in the first place?

Nettie: Our prior website was dated and needed some freshening up. As for the mobile app, we actually already had an app that was provided by another vendor, but it wasn’t connected to our website. Getting those two pieces (the website and app) integrated was so important. 

Now that there’s an integration between the two, members don't have to remember two separate sign-in credentials. Plus, all the marketing is integrated between the two so there is no duplication of effort on our part in maintaining the content.


Q: Speaking of your new mobile app, how’s that working out for you?

Nettie: It’s working out great! As I mentioned earlier, members like being able to open the app, sign-in one time, and go straight into their account. This seamless process takes the burden off of us in the office of constantly answering calls from members who’ve forgotten their app login credentials. 

I also like that I can now send push notifications through the main club website instead of a separate website, and it stores the notifications in the app for members to see it.


Q: In addition to the web products, you’re also using our accounting software. What are the benefits of having both the website and back-office accounting / POS from Clubessential?

Nettie: It’s priceless!! 

One group handles all of the issues and the integration between the website, app, and accounting components. All three work together seamlessly. Our members can see everything with one click instead of several, and our staff saves time on operational tasks by having an all-in-one partner. 

I especially like using the Data Genie feature in the back-office member management system to generate reports on the fly to see F&B trends, member spending at events, and more.

Also, the Financial Report Writer feature is amazing, and such a time saver. The other day, I set up my budget worksheets and it was so much easier than exporting everything to Excel. Plus, the information updates automatically!


Q: If you were to refer Clubessential to someone else, what would you say?

Nettie: I would say that I have been a Clubessential client for 7 years and have been extremely pleased with the level of customer service provided. I would definitely use Clubessential exclusively for POS, Accounting, back office, website and the smartphone app.  


This post is based on an interview conducted and originally published in 2017.