It’s no secret that some clubs have struggled as membership attitudes and priorities have changed dramatically. Clubs that have hired and retained the right employees have an advantage.

That’s why it is an obvious priority at Billy Casper Signature. “The job of all of us is to build high performing teams,” says Matt Wilson, Director. “We're creating environments that employees want to be a part of. We want to give them the tools to grow their careers and advance.” That focus has translated into unprecedented success with clubs across the country.


Getting the Foundation and Fundamentals Right

“The people that we hire are extremely goal-oriented,” says Danielle Hopper, National Director of Private Club Sales. “They're really proud of what they do.”  Making sure that associates have success and see their contributions impact the overall mission is critical. They’re not cogs in a wheel, but part of a bigger vision, a vision they expect to help create.  It comes down to trust, an idea that permeates the organization and originated with the founder. “Billy Casper golf is really about Billy and his values,” says Matt.  “It’s built around a promise to deal with our employees, clients, and vendors in a way that Billy would. It’s surrounded by integrity and treating others like we’d want to be treated.”

That promise to be the best and do right by people has resulted in a culture where everyone continuously strives to improve. Where many organizations talk about the idea of excellence, Billy Casper has put real resources behind the initiatives for everyone involved. Associates are encouraged to look at new ways to become more efficient, to upgrade their business, and to better serve their members. To help them on that journey, they’ve even developed their own online learning platform, BCG-U, that covers a wide range of topics from sales to marketing and beyond. “If I have a general manager that’s struggling with Excel, I can point them to a module that will help them improve their knowledge and become more efficient in future use,” says Matt.


Seeing Further with Collective Vision

Having a goal-oriented team with a variety of experiences and expertise is a definite advantage. It’s been proven that diverse teams outperform more homogenous groups. The team at Bill Casper Signature takes full advantage of their multiple perspectives and flexibility to move their businesses forward. “In dealing with a clubs in different geographical areas, with different ownership structure, and different needs of the membership we haven’t had a choice but to stay flexible in how we operate each club,” says Matt. That also means that they have lots of collective experience leading to unique solutions across the group.  “We do a lot of stealing from each other,” Matt says. 

“When challenges arise, we’re not stuck at a desk thinking ‘how the heck do I do this?’ We can reach out and pose the question to the team.  In short order, we can get five or six people on a call who have faced that same problem. It's embedded in our nature to assist and help each other. Everyone has something different that they bring to the table.”


Point for the Next Generation

One thing is clear and that is that things are changing fast. It takes a different mindset to tackle these new challenges. Or better yet, multiple mindsets. Billy Casper Signature leverages a motivated nationwide network of professionals to get smart answers quickly. But it starts with trust and giving people the tools and power to do their jobs. Any club looking to move quickly and stay relevant should consider looking outside for inspiration and empowering their associates to deliver and create their own team for the future.


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