6 Ways Private Clubs Benefit From Integrated Technology

Kelsie Stone

July 19, 2023

Building the foundation for your club to thrive.

Accelerating club experiences from essential to extraordinary is a noble goal – but how can you build a solid platform on which to build your club’s future when your system is cobbled together from different providers? Crafting a steady foundation of seamlessly integrated technology will equip your club for serious growth for all the seasons to come. 

– Increase operational efficiency and improve procedures 

Redundancy is an unfortunate side effect of disparate software providers. Even powerful integrations have limits, and there will always be gaps no API can cross. Utilizing one provider for your club management software means doing away with those repetitive daily actions you have to employ just to keep your operations running smoothly. Remove redundancy and the unnecessary manual processes that bridge the gap between providers by utilizing one full-service management suite. 

– Keep up with heightened demand 

Many clubs have found an increase in demand alongside a changing demographic of members, especially where golf clubs are concerned. More than ever, women, families, and people of color are showing interest in and joining private clubs nationwide. Women accounted for 36% of all beginners in golf in 2020, which showed an increase of 50% over the previous year. These changes, reflected across much of the private club industry, make it more important than ever for clubs to understand their members so as to serve them well – which is where customized solutions allow for deeper data and better cohesion across club facilities. 

– Allocate budgets more responsibly

Bundling software from one provider will always allow you to enjoy higher quality solutions than piecemeal offerings. This extra room in the budget will give you more leeway to focus on member amenities and services to enhance your club experience.  

– Eliminate human error 

Manual data entry is one of the most egregious impacts of an unintegrated management system. Differences in reporting, lack of data validation and integrity, and manual input errors – all serious blockers to successful reporting – are inevitable symptoms of fragmented software. When invoicing, balance sheets, and member preferences are concerned, disparate solutions become a dangerous recipe for more complicated and less accurate reporting. 

– Meet the increased need for digitization 

Everything is fully digital now, and not keeping up puts you at risk of falling behind. Members expect a seamless, customized experience. According to PwC, 71% of consumers state this expectation for personalization and 76% express they would switch providers if this experience were not satisfactory. Private clubs can achieve this intuitive experience with fast, secure logins, modern mobile apps, and effective digital marketing tools. A strong digital footprint boosts new member rates and retention at scale while creating a more customized member journey – preserving and enhancing the personal relationships private clubs are known for through technology. 

– Integrated data for full visibility 

Numbers are powerful. If your club utilizes too many different software providers, it’s inevitable that your data gathering is seriously inhibited or even impossible. Having too many data sources that don’t integrate is like trying to put together the pieces from multiple different puzzles into one picture. Streamline the source and utilize reporting across avenues like member engagement, reservation activity, food and beverage trends, and more. 

While discrete software providers may seem enticing, the truth is that full-service providers will always offer your club the best quality and user experience for your members and staff. One provider means only one interface to learn, which will keep training time down and staff exasperation to a minimum. Keep the whole club happy with straightforward software on a single system. 

See the benefits yourself!