5 Benefits of Location-Based Marketing for Private Clubs


February 23, 2022

Your members come to the club for experiences that they can’t get anywhere else. But technology, and specifically, mobile technology, has accelerated experiences and raised expectations outside of the club.

While private clubs set the standard for personal interactions, mobile technology has empowered and enabled all types of industries to interact with your members one-to-one, with the right message at the right time.

With location-based marketing technology, you can deliver great experiences anywhere and gain insights to make every future interaction continuously even more personal and relevant. Here are 5 ways that location-based marketing can benefit clubs everywhere.

1. Right Message, Right Time

Everyone is more focused and busy than ever before. Context means everything. Using different types of geolocation technology offers clubs increased opportunities to deliver the right message at the right time with uncanny precision to strengthen connections. While Burger King once used it to woo away McDonald’s customers, private clubs are using it to prove that they understand members’ likes with special offers and reminders

2. Scale and Segment Marketing Programs

Relevancy matters. As clubs grow into “clubs within clubs,” making connections between members is critical and made more accurate with increased data collected with mobile devices and other touchpoints. For example, clubs can use the data to scale up their communications for large events or segment into smaller niches for very specific activities, like a “Bourbon, Barbeque and Bluegrass” event.

3. Use Mobile Messaging to Increase Attention

According to some reports, open rates for a text message are approximately 99%, with 97% of messages being read within 15 minutes of delivery. When you send a text, you’ll get their attention. When it has relevant context, you’ll get action. Updating scheduled golfers instantly of a frost delay is something everyone will appreciate.

4. Enhance Member Engagement Insights

While members interact with different amenities and activities at the club, too often that information stays within silos of the pro shop, F&B manager, and others. Integrating that information across the club provides enhanced insights into every member interaction that helps drive decisions and lead the club forward. The omnipresent smartphone is the connection that helps bring it all together.

5. Deliver Exceptional Member Experiences

The increased information collected enables clubs to onboard new staff to deliver exceptional personalized experiences in a shorter amount of time. The combination of better personal face-to-face interactions and state-of-the-art interactions through their devices is an experience member can’t get anywhere else. While Starbucks can push a happy hour message to customers near a store, they can’t match the personal experience clubs deliver when they arrive.

The most advanced technologies utilize a combination of geofencing, beacons, mobile app, and CRM to execute location-based marketing and are now within reach of most clubs. As members continue to raise the bar in their expectations, it’s imperative that clubs take steps now to stay ahead.