To say that things are changing in the club industry would be an understatement. The past year accelerated many things that were already in motion for clubs everywhere.

But are these changes just fads that will pass or trends that will stay and have a lasting impact on clubs for years to come? That’s what a panel of thought leaders came together to discuss at the Clubessential 2021 Digital Summit. See our panelists and highlights of the trends identified below. You can view this session and get all of the detailed insights, as well as the other presentations, here.

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Industry Panelists

Ben Wingrove – SchedulePop
Jerry Spilman – Blindhash
Chris Kallmeyer – Golf Genius
Brooke Turner – POS Portal
Jay Livingood – Yellow Dog
Stacey Zak - Clubessential
Marilyn Cox - Clubessential


Trends in Club Security

1. Where Business Goes, Fraud Flows
Ecomm transactions increased 44% in 2020 – and fraud tripled in the same time frame.

2. PII is the Biggest Risk
Bad actors have turned their focus to stealing individuals’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) allowing them to impersonate you and target clients directly.

3. Clubs are Targets
For a number of reasons, clubs are targets, including high net worth and often lax security. Additionally, on-premise data is at higher risk and puts more burden on clubs.

4. Change is Coming
PCI Compliance may be optional but contactless Payments are Required

5. Do Your Homework
Make Security a part of your Culture and Future Plans for everyone’s sake.

Trends in Private Clubs

1. Golf is Back
The Resurgence of Golf will continue – be prepared and make plans to engage guests.

2. Flexible Spaces
Work from home expanded the addressable market. We’ll see more innovative spaces and virtual offerings.

3. Mobile is the Center
Mobility is a Requirement for Members and Staff; Mobile App, Mobile Ordering, Mobile POS are must haves. 

4. Integrate Processes for Max Efficiency
Gain Efficiencies Through Integrated End to End Experiences (Member/Staff to Financials) - and data insights. 

5. Keep Your Guard Up
Transform Safety Considerations into Permanent Pulse for Proactive Monitoring and Engagement

Trends in Club Fitness and Wellness

1. See the Big Picture
Think Holistically in your Offerings; Health Coach, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer.

2. Meet Them Where They Are
Expand your virtual fitness offerings, outdoor options, and make your studio as member-friendly as possible.

3. It's Not Club Zoom
No one wants to go to a nightclub on Zoom, personal connections still matter.

4. Find Your Stars
Empower your Instructors and Trainers to be an extension of your club brand.

5. Gather Your Community
Build Community through Competition to Increase Engagement.


What's it all Mean

While it's often hard to define one over-arching trend year over year, in this case, not so much. Using technology to improve the member experience, not hide from delivering the experience, will be key in every aspect. Where some clubs have been slow to adopt and pay attention to technology, the recent changes in society and advancements in the offerings are going to move things forward. And of course, like everything that club professionals take on, they'll do it well, with their own personal touch. 

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