Set the Table for Success

The Clubessential feature-rich cloud solution helps you run an efficient and profitable banquet business from start to finish. The results are exceptional banquet and catering experiences for guests and members with less stress and no surprises for you and your staff.

End-to-End Software that Thinks Like a
Private Club Banquet Professional

Clubessential Banquets gives you all of the tools you need (right on your tablet, iPad, or PC) to manage the full lifecycle of your club’s banquets and events. Take back time for yourself to focus on improving the guest experience and let technology automate the steps in planning and delivering outstanding banquets.

Simplify the Process

Keeping tabs on all of your club’s banquets is easy thanks to the user-friendly layout of Clubessential Banquets. In seconds, you can quickly see all of your monthly, weekly, and daily events — and drill down to the details with a couple of clicks. Creating a new event is as easy as dragging and dropping your cursor over the time slot to reserve it.

Stay on Task

As you work through your daily to-do list, your tasks can be auto-generated to schedule follow-up reminders at whatever interval you choose (e.g., 1 week from today, 2 weeks from today, etc.), ensuring you don’t miss a thing moving a deal through the pipeline.

Streamline Your Days

In minutes, you can produce professionally branded proposals, contracts, event orders, and more — all customized to fit your needs. Easily send emails with automatically generated BEO attachments, and other important documents to close the loop.

Automated Financials

Revenue will be recognized in your Clubessential Office software via auto-created charge batches. Event deposits flow into batches in real time, & automated G/L movements are made to recognize the deposit revenue upon closing the event. Simply review the batches and post!

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