How Mobile Technology Can Enable Your Front of the House to Thrive – Webinar Recording

Are you wondering how can you improve efficiencies, increase sales, and create a better, safer experience for members, guests and staff? The answer is by evolving technology in your operations to include Mobile POS, Kiosk Mode, and Mobile Ordering. Join us for a complimentary webinar to discover how the next generation of mobile technology has been reinvented. These are the trends your peers are adopting at a rapid pace – don’t get left behind.

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The Essential Suite: The Essential Suite provides clubs with vital solutions to reach and connect with members in advanced yet intuitive ways. It begins with the ability to interact with members digitally and bring value virtually. From distance dining to remote community engagements to new restrictions in reservations, it enables clubs to safely address this new reality while still delivering the lifestyle, value, and brand of the club.

COVID-19 Webinar Series: Clubessential’s Mobile Ordering improves the speed and accuracy of orders and enables you to lift and deliver a great member experience no matter what. Advantages include: Effortless OrderingOrder In or Delivery OptionsCentral Management of your menus, and Personalized Experiences based on member preferences.

Optimize the Member Carryout Experience: Not too long ago, members’ desire for carryout started to spread through clubs. Now we’re suggesting they order by phone and never physically interact with any of your staff. As of right now and in upcoming months, it might be the safest option for everyone involved. Here are some best practices to set up and optimize your member carryout or takeaway dining experience.

Mobile Point of Sale: Mobile POS gives your club the ability to manage your operations from anywhere. Open and take payment for F&B and retail tickets, manage your Tee Times and Dining Reservations, Set up Kiosks for Self-Service Food Ordering or Check-in around the club- all from tablets with a sleek mobile-friendly design.

Webinar Slides: feel free to download the slides here