The Changing Landscape of Spa Reservations


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Focus on the Future While Making In-the-Moment Decisions

As club executives, you’re working to derive insights from data and then draw on those insights to shape business decisions and, ultimately, improve club performance. So without a degree in data science how are you supposed to consolidate all of the data captured throughout your club into a report that actually means something and that can be used going forward?

Join Stacy Zak and Solutions Consultant, Joe McCarron on Wednesday, December 9th at 2:00 p.m. ET as they share real-world use cases for applying predictive analytics and data-driven decision making into the day-to-day operations of your club.

  • Accurately predict demand and behavior at different times of the year and days of the week, optimizing usage and maximizing revenue.
  • Determine member responses or purchases, as well as promote cross-sell opportunities, enabling you to plan future member events and offers when members are most likely to be receptive.
  • Re-engage a member before a cancellation notice crosses your desk or pair one highly engaged member with a prospect to enhance recruiting efforts.

About Your Presenters

Stacy Zak
Director, Product Management

Joe McCarron
Office Solutions Consultant