Modernize Your Payments Platform – Webinar Recording

Hosted by Stacy Zak and Samuel Horn

Modern times bring modern challenges, which makes online payments for your Members an absolute need. Learn how Covid-19 has recently pushed more payments than ever online, causing a need for ease, speed, and reliability when it comes to taking Member payments. Additionally, uncover how other clubs are simplifying and streamlining their cash flow, as well as the associated accounting entries, and flexible fee arrangements with a one-stop shop approach to all of their payment needs.

PCI Compliance and CE Payments

Clubessential is a PCI compliant level 2 service provider. We’ve addressed many commonly asked questions about PCI compliance here.

We are also currently offering a complimentary payments analysis which can help you determine if CE Payments will be a more effective and cheaper solution than your current one. Interested in a complimentary analysis? Contact us for a complimentary consultation.