The Club Management Application (CE Office) adheres to the high standards that set the Clubessential Unified Suite™ apart from our competition: This is the only true SaaS Accounting and POS system where all clients are running on the exact same version. All modules are developed and supported by our US based team. Every line of code is written using state of the art Microsoft technology and all of our clients are hosted on the most secure and up to date versions of the Microsoft Stack.

All of your club’s Accounting, Membership Management and POS needs.

Membership Management
Manage your most valuable asset...your members, with a comprehensive and robust membership management and billing system featuring: familiar MS-Outlook user interface, simple data queries and filtering, direct connectivity with the rest of the Clubessential Unified Suite™ of products.
General Ledger
Designed with the club accountant in mind, the system handles multiple bank accounts and GL distribution, reciprocal club, vendor defaults and 1099 reporting. Invoice entry is fast. Quick check and void check function are intuitive and directly post to General Ledger.
Accounts Payable
Your staff can manually push urgent notifications to members for things like weather delays.
Customized Financial Reporting and Dashboards
Powerful financial reporting and filtering, dynamically linked to Excel for further customizable financial statements, drill downs and dashboards.

Food & Beverage Point of Sale
Streamline server workflow and enhance member service with quick access to member’s favorites, modifiers and spending history. All sales transactions flow to real time reporting and dashboards. Runs on the latest mobile tablet technology (iPad, Nook, etc.).
Retail Point of Sale
Fast and easy to use touch screen, mouse and bar code scanning makes it simple to sell items and get members and guests onto the course or on their way. Quick settlements to member accounts, room folio, credit book, cash, credit or gift cards that post in real time. Searching and recalling tickets is a snap.
Use your POS stations or any network device for secure employee login and log out to track time and attendance, overtime hours and comparisons of sales vs. labor. Integrated with Payroll and supports exports to ADP and Paychex.
Retail Inventory Management
Fully integrated inventory directly linked with purchase orders and accounts payable system provides strong controls and reduces time to receive, count and pay for merchandise. Physical inventory is easy to administer with one concise report to reconcile. Supports inexpensive bar coding devices.

Data Genie: Unlike Any Other Report Writer On The Market

The incredibly popular Data Genie tool is unlike any other report writer on the market. We have given the data elements in your system visual representations that you simply drag and drop onto a scratch pad and a report is dynamically created as you work. Once a report has been refined and configured to your satisfaction, they can be saved to your dashboard and activated anytime you need current data.

Industry Leading Point of Sale Software

Our industry leading Point of Sale user interface makes it simple for your F&B team to customize their screens. It also pulls in your member’s preferences allowing your staff to provide a high level of service.

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