Clubessential Reservations is a suite of reservation systems, used by hundreds of clubs, to take and manage online bookings for any type of event, activity or amenity.

Covering All of your Online Reservation Need

Tee Times
Personal Training

And 30+ additional interfaces ranging from trap shooting to bowling lanes and sailboat rentals


Why Choose Clubessential Reservations

Drive your website ROI 10 Fold

By offering transactional systems on your club website, membership usage typically increases by a factor of 10. In many cases, when we launch a new tee sheet clubs will go from taking 100% of their reservations over the phone to over 90% booked online within a matter of weeks. This means more traffic to your site and more opportunities to build awareness and drive member engagement.

Automate Reservations to Revenue

Users of the Clubessential Unified Suite™ experience additional benefits. For example, all online tee time reservations flow from the website to the golf shop POS in real-time, enabling you to instantly capture all revenue and eliminate the possibility of human error if two systems were not unified on the same platform & required manual batch uploads.

"We were hoping to see a 25-30% member adoption rate of the new online dining reservations system. To my surprise, I found that 41% of Wycliffe’s members were already using the new system. Better yet, 61% of the online reservations for the first event were made by members. The next event saw 77% member bookings." Cheryl Loder Wycliffe Golf & Country Club
Provide Better Face-to-Face Service to Members

The massive reduction in phone calls frees up your staff to provide more attention to members and their guests. The Unified Suite™ makes staff operations even more efficient by eliminating multi-system headaches such as toggling between separate systems, manually re-entering information.

Keep Members on your Website

Online reservations will drive more traffic to your website than any other web feature, don’t let that traffic get pulled away to a third-party reservations system and destroy your best communication channel for effectively driving participation levels up.

Consistent Booking Experience

All of the reservations products share a similar User Experience design and features. This means that when members learns how to book a tee time, they will already be comfortable with any other reservation module. Having a consistent booking experience across the board leads to quicker member adoption. This approach is much more effective than using multiple third party products with each having their own design and user experience.

Impact your member engagement today.

Harness the power of the Unified Suite™.

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