The Clubesssential Banquets module, was designed by ReServe Interactive, the club industry leader in banquet software by a wide margin. ReServe was delighted to partner with Clubessential and architect their system so that it would function as one of the core components of the Unified Suite™. Clubessential has a team of product experts on staff and all support is handled directly by our “White Glove” Services Team. The CE Banquets module is a cloud based platform with the industry’s best user interface that allows for conversational data capture during client interaction which eliminates the need for dual entry. The unique life cycle process increases efficiency and organization throughout the various stages of the event.

Email Synchronization
Our module seamlessly syncs with your staff’s personal email so all communication history is contained inside the event. This enables your staff to share information in real time and eliminates the need to copy and paste emails from one system to the next.
Proposal Generator
The proposal generator makes it simple to include high quality images of your products allowing you to cross market additional services and increase event margins.
Customizable Templates
The customizable templates feature gives you the ability to set-up standard emails, BEO’s, and contracts doing away with the need to replicate with each event. This gives your banquets staff more time to focus on providing a high level of service to your members and clients.

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