Exceptional Service is comprised of two key components:

Centralized Support

Even though the breadth of the Clubessential Unified Suite™ of products requires support specialists, we’ve organized our support teams in a unified structure to avoid “silos” of staff. All the teams use the same software and methods to track individual support cases so clients receive “seamless” support across the whole range of products.

Affinity Teams

The very best support is delivered by a single gifted individual who knows all the products and has a long term relationship (we call this “affinity”) with the client. Reality is different: support staff at different points in their careers have varying degrees of knowledge, and eventually a single individual with affinity to a client will be promoted, breaking the chain of affinity. Clubessential addresses these realities by breaking its staff of 40 plus support specialists into “Affinity Teams”. Each team includes a mix of skills and experience, and developes a group affinity with its clients.

"I chose the Clubessential Team because they understand clubs, they understand club managers and they’ve got the technical types and the creative types and the “hand holding service types” needed to develop the goods that make web sites and marketing programs work." Gregg Patterson General Manager, The Beach Club

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