The 2024 Digital Summit

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2024 Summit Agenda

From front-of-the-house to back-of-the-house operations, learn what it takes to drive value and a VIP experience into today’s private club landscape. Ensure your club is at the forefront of adaptation, and proactively navigating the trends impacting the industry to secure your club’s future.

Join Clubessential for this opening keynote session where we will dive into today’s trends and empower you with insights to successfully face the road ahead.

Scott Strong, President of Clubessential
Stacy Zak, VP of Product Management, Clubessential

In a time where seamless integration and personalized experiences reign supreme, leveraging omnichannel technology solutions helps you deliver unparalleled member experiences and stay competitive in an increasingly digital world. Omnichannel technology seamlessly integrates various channels, including mobile apps, websites, social media, and physical spaces to create a unified member experience interacting with the club.

The mobile app serves as the main hub, allowing for personalized conveniences and fostering member interaction and engagement. 
Join this session to learn how embracing omnichannel technology leads to increased member retention, enhanced satisfaction, and revenue growth. Get ready to redefine member engagement and satisfaction by harnessing the transformative power of omnichannel technology.

Stephanie Leli, Sr. Product Manager, Clubessential

Oftentimes, we hear “I don’t care about efficiency, it’s all about the experience.” 

Learn how tool sets like 
the Mobile POS, KDS, Club Intelligence, and more are powering not only efficiencies through their applications, but optimum experiences for both staff and members alike.

Join this session to learn how both experience and efficiency have a seat at the table of empowering your club staff and operations for optimal success.  

R.J. Hoendorf, Product Manager, Clubessential

Ensuring your success in the future not only requires your understanding and embracing of the trends impacting the industry, your relentless commitment to creating the culture and having the toolset that attracts and retains top talent to provide the amazing member experiences you are known for, but it also demands that you are intentional about your strategic plan, both from an operational as well as a master facilities view.  
Join the upcoming session and listen to Mike Morin from Club Benchmarking as he shares insights on how data analysis can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the metrics that matter. This knowledge can enable you to create a well-informed strategy to enhance club experiences with a clear intention.

Mike Morin, Director of Data Management & Research, 
Club Benchmarking

This year’s Customer Panel discussion will explore the transformative ways clubs are utilizing Clubessential tools to augment, not replace, the human touch in their operations. Discover firsthand from our esteemed panelists how they’ve strategically integrated Clubessential to boost operational efficiency, enhance service quality, and customize experiences for diverse member demographics.  

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see how technology and personalization converge to elevate the club experience!

From pre-tournament planning to day-of-operations, learn how to leverage our tournament management solutions (powered by BlueGolf) to transform the golf experience for members at your club. 

Dan Share, Director of Sales, 

Tim Gershey, Director of Customer Support, BlueGolf

During this session we will show you how paid digital advertising can grow your ancillary business at your club.  
Dive into the strategies and tactics of Clubessential Ads Services to gain more visitors, clicks and conversions on your website.

Mark Farrow, Director of Member Services