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Back by popular demand, the Clubessential Digital Summit delivered a host of industry thought-leaders straight to top clubs and interested parties throughout the industry. Presenters on March 10th, 2022, included thought leaders from across the industry, including Blindhash, ClubsHelp, Corporate Spending Innovations, Club Benchmarking, and SchedulePop.*

Due to increased interest, we were obliged to add concurrent partner sessions from 12:00 – 12:45 PM EST. All of these sessions are recorded and will be made available to registrants and those that complete the ondemand form below at conclusion of the event.

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2022 Summit Agenda

Understand the top tech trends to maximize the member experience on and off club grounds.  All the while utilizing tech to maximize your most precious assets: your staff and facilities.  We’ll discuss the tech trends that allow you to have a clear view into the current and future success areas for your club.

Presenter: Lynn Mangan

Fueled by data and new technology, today’s members are used to being individually catered to everywhere they go. By leveraging the same technology, clubs are now empowered to make data-driven decisions and develop experiences that enable members to pursue and enjoy the club lifestyle anywhere, with the frictionless user experiences they’ve come to expect. In this session we’ll cover new opportunities to deliver value to retain your members, including:

– Providing expected conveniences and self-service options, like digital payments, mobile ordering, and kiosk check-in, powered by a mobile app.
– Leveraging predictive analytics to provide quick insight into member engagement based on predetermined scoring criteria and identifying members at risk.
– Enhancing decision-making insight through integrated systems spread throughout the club to streamline the member experience and to justify future investments with reporting.

Presenter: R.J. Hoendorf

From 12:00 – 12:45 we will host concurrent sessions with some of our partners. Register for a partner session of your choosing. All sessions will be recorded and distributed after the event concludes.

Partners Participating Include*:

Blindhash – Building Good Cybersecurity at your Club

Private Clubs tend to be high profile and soft targets for hackers due to the affluence of most club members. With your club’s momentous shift to more of a digital reliance, it is important to invest in the safety of your members’ information online. In this webinar, we will explain the tactics that hackers use to compromise member information and how CE and Blindhash work together to help your club meet “duty of care” for member data. You will also learn simple but impactful steps that can be taken to ensure your club’s commitment to cybersecurity. Protecting password databases and users’ privacy is one of today’s most significant business challenges.

ClubsHelp – Helping Clubs to Care Locally & Unite Nationally

ClubsHelp empowers golf clubs to raise funds to impact their local communities. Join this short informational session to learn:
– The mission and goals of ClubsHelp
– How ClubsHelp assists communities in need of help
– How you can join the ClubsHelp network

Corporate Spending Innovations – Your B2B Payment Problems, Solved!

Streamlining payments couldn’t be easier! Join this session to learn how golf and country clubs automate their Accounts Payable and pay suppliers using their preferred payment type. Plus, learn how to streamline manual processes and improve workflow while seamlessly integrating with Clubessential. Topics we’ll cover include:
– Benefits of an automated payments solution
– Risks associated with traditional payment methods
– What is a virtual card?
– How to easily transition from manual to digital payments in only a few weeks
– The potential to earn additional revenue for your company
– Integration with Clubessential

SchedulePop – Oh Shift! Staff Scheduling Just Got Easier. SchedulePop Shows You How

These days, it’s harder than ever to manage staff scheduling. But proper staffing is essential to deliver exceptional experiences. What if you had an easier way to create, manage, and communicate schedules and fill open shifts? What if your staff had a better, faster way to communicate with you and each other?

SchedulePop simplifies staff scheduling for you and your staff so everyone can focus on delivering those exceptional member experiences. Easy to use and loaded with time-saving features, including our seamless integration and auto-sync with Clubessential, SchedulePop makes staff scheduling a breeze. Join us to learn how. Your staff will thank you. Your members will thank you. Heck, you’ll thank yourself. See you there!

New business and operating models have been designed, allowing clubs to reach their members anywhere, enable their employees anywhere, and use digital technologies to deliver services anywhere, both on and off club grounds. When does the member experience start at your club? Historically, we’d say that experience would start the moment the member arrives through the gate. Today, that experience must extend away from the gate and to the members’ driveway and even into their homes. By empowering your staff to utilize mobile technology, you don’t have to wait until members arrive to start the experience. In this session we will discuss:

– How to define and map a driveway-to-driveway digital member experience
– Leveraging tools like mobile apps, reservations, mobile POS, and KDS to understand and engage your members
– Provide expected conveniences and self-service options, like digital payments, mobile ordering, and kiosk check-in.
– The role of geofencing and other location-based marketing solutions in enhancing the member experience

Presenter: Stephanie Leli

Reporting is always a key activity for Accounting and Finance professionals but how can a CFO/Controller keep focused on the big picture while making sure Department Managers have the information they need to make decisions that impact this week and next month.

Presenters: Cody Harrison & Joseph McCarron

The first of its kind in the private club industry, Clubessential created the Private Club Maturity Model to help clubs continually elevate their operations and member experiences. Our goal is to help club professionals to better understand their maturity relative to the industry and evolve their way of delivering exceptional member and staff experiences. After extensive research in the private club space and other industries including hospitality, we’ve incorporated new learnings from the industry. In this session we’ll review:

* Advancements in how member and staff experiences are defined.
* Additional ideas and opportunities to address current member and staff conditions.
* New workbooks to map and guide your club through strategic growth.

Presenter: Marilyn Cox

Is the member experience at your club “Essential” or “Extraordinary?” Where you fall on that spectrum is directly related to whether club leaders are focused on efficiency and cost cutting or on delivering an exceptional member experience. In this session, Club Benchmarking Research Specialist Mike Morin will use analysis of annual data from more than 1,000 clubs to address the financial realities of the “efficiency vs experience” debate, and member survey data from more than 56,000 private club members to quantify the importance of the member experience including eye-opening generational variations in Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Presenter: Mike Morin, Club Benchmarking