Access all of the 2021 Digital Summit Sessions Now

The world, and 2021 event plans, changed so we adapted as well. We brought our first digital summit at no charge to hundreds of club industry professionals everywhere. A huge thank you to all of our partners and club speakers for their participation!

What Happened?

For two days we shared in our customers’ successes and innovation, the brilliance and forward-thinking of our partners, and what’s in store for the future of clubs. The reality was that there was too much content for any one person to cover in just two days. Now you can access recordings of all of the sessions to review at your own pace.

See the Sessions

Trends and Thought Leadership
– The Future of Clubs in a Post-COVID World
– Run Your Club in Real-Time
– What Your Board Needs to Hear
– Is Your Funnel Strong? Using Insight to Manage Member Recruitment and Retention
– Trends in 2021
– The Clubessential Success Model
– Planning for Growth with NCA, CMAA and Club Benchmarking

Technology and Partner Sessions
– Integrating Clubessential Website and Tee Sheet with Golf Genius Software
– Universal Key Club Performance Indicators
– How Better Staff Scheduling Leads to Higher Margins & Happier Employees
– Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
– Moving from Reaction to Pro-action!
– The Importance of IT Audits for Your Club
– The Financial Insight Model: The Essentials of Sustainable Financial Success
– Leveraging Modern Payment Technology to Gain Consumer Confidence


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