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We are proud to partner with some of the top ranked clubs in the world. In fact, 50% of BoardRoom Magazine's Distinguished Clubs of the World are Clubessential clients.
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Clubessential Online Tee Times

Clubessential’s online tee times system delivers a user-friendly interface for golf shop administrators.

  • More Customization & Control
  • High Level of Flexibility
  • Changes Update at Lightning Speed
  • And Much More...

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Drag & Drop lets you move tee times On-The-Fly

Drag and Drop functionality lets you easily select, drag, and drop players to different times and/or courses.

  • Player Selection.
    Players can be dragged to separate groups to allow different round lengths and/or options.
  • Group Selection.
    Different groups may be combined on the fly.
  • Time Slot Selection.
    Time slots can be moved around the tee sheet.

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Accounting Integration ensures accurate course-related charges are applied

Easily commit course-related charges for individuals or groups right from the online tee sheet. You can even print a receipt on-the-fly if you would like.

  • Payment Method.
    Choose from pre-loaded payment options (e.g., apply to member's account, pay cash, etc.).
  • Select Fees.
    Select applicable fees (e.g., 9-Hole Cart, 18-Hole Guest, Comp., etc.).
  • Upload to Accounting.
    Commit charges and they will be uploaded into your accounting system at days-end.

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Handicap Integration allows for easy score posting and monitoring  

Handicap Integration makes it easy for staff and members to post and review peer scores.

  • Score Posting.
    Members can easily post scores, or the staff can do so on their behalf.
  • Peer Review.
    Members see how their scores compare to their peers.
  • Posting Report.
    The Handicap Chair members can view rounds and scores, and quickly see which members failed to post their scores.

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Mobile Optimization puts online tee times at your members' fingertips

Clubessential's Mobile Services allows your members to view and book tee times right from their mobile devices. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Website Integrated.
    Integrates directly to key features like: tee times, golf lessons, member roster, calendar of events with registration, online statements and payments, etc.
  • Compatibility.
    Mobile Services works on any newer mobile device (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc.).
  • Cross-Marketing.
    You can promote Pro Shop Sales, Custom Club Fitting, and more, via cross-marketing promotions on tee time confirmations.

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Special Event Management enables easy reformatting of tee sheet for events

Easily reformat the tee sheet for special events like shotguns and outings.

  • Flexibile Controls.
    Select from a wide-array of options to configure your unique event (e.g., block out pre and post event times, etc.).
  • Calendar Integrated.
    Create an appealing flyer for the event on the main golf calendar.
  • Color Coded.
    Stylize the color of the blocked off event (e.g., Pink for WGA event).

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Quickly Put A Name To A Face.

With the new "member photo display" feature on the Admin Pro Shop Dashboard, your Pro Shop staff will easily be able to put a name to a face in seconds.

  • Hover-Over Appearance.
    Member photo appears upon hovering over name on tee-sheet.
  • Extend Personal Courtesies.
    When members walk into the Pro Shop, employees will be able to instantly greet them by name.
  • Tight Integration with Directory.
    The photos that appear on the tee-sheet are the same ones within the members' profiles in the website diretory.
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There's Even More...

The list of enhancements continues to grow on a daily basis thanks to the feedback of our tee times clients.

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  • Multi-Course Display
  • Tee Time Delay Manager
  • Enhanced Email Capabilities
  • Reservations Backup
  • Keyboard Shortcuts