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Marketing Services

While some of our clients have the benefit of dedicated staff member(s) who plan, execute and measure their growing digital marketing needs, others turn to our Marketing Services team, a division of Clubessential’s Digital Marketing Agency.

The Marketing Services team consists of a group of experienced professionals who have digital marketing skills and industry leading knowledge in working with private clubs, coupled with years of experience working with Clubessential’s tools, ensuring they can efficiently assist clients in managing their digital communications (web & mobile) while generating the full potential ROI.

Marketing Services offered usually fall into one or more of these three broad categories:

  • Consulting & Analytics
    • Consulting & Analytics services include the development of comprehensive club marketing strategies, consultation sessions on how your team can implement and analyze online marketing best practices, and more. Your team performs the work, while a trusted guide from the Marketing Services team steers you towards success.

  • Content & Digital Communication Management
      • Initial Content Loading – When a new website is built (or an older design is updated), the Marketing Services team can perform the initial formatting for the entire website, ensuring your new online presence makes a stunning first impression.

      • Content Management – Content provided by your club is carefully formatted by the Marketing Services team to create beautiful emails, web pages, event notices, and cross-marketing banners

      • Digital Communication Management – The Marketing Services team will organize and execute your club’s online member communication programs via the website and email marketing campaigns or one-off announcements, helping your club improve member engagement.
  • Search Marketing
    • Search Marketing services entail the Marketing Services team consulting with you on a keyword (i.e., SEO) and content strategy which when implemented will increase your club’s search engine rankings, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately deliver online ROI.

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Team Leaders

Meet the Marketing Services team leaders:

  • Alyssa Montgomery - Senior Digital Marketing Consultant
    • Since graduating from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Alyssa has been working her way across the country, developing a keen sense of what is driving the digital marketplace. In her 5+ years at Clubessential, Alyssa has led the Interactive Marketing Group and set a high standard for strategic follow through, ensuring that clients are never left disappointed.

      “I thrive in a collaborative environment. Client needs tend to be varied; gathering and focusing them is a challenging task, but one that energizes me. I’m about results with an emphasis on ROI.” Alyssa is able to help clients develop and implement a plan to fully utilize all available tools. It's her dedication to envisioning the future that sets Alyssa apart.

      “I'm committed to guiding clients and fostering their growth as they expand their reach across the web. In an ever changing digital landscape, it’s about being at the forefront of technology and knowledge. In that regard, I lead by example.”
  • Amy Sand - Digital Marketing Consultant
    • Since obtaining her BFA in Creative Writing from Stephens College, Amy has put her communication skills to good use, working in varied environments such as city government, non-profit and higher education. Before joining Clubessential, one of Amy’s defining experiences was becoming an Americorps Member, where she served as an Enrollment and Matching Specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters. By engaging with a diverse clientele, she developed the ability to communicate with multiple audiences.

      “I’m a writer who believes in mass appeal and entertainment. By entertaining the audience, you capture their attention. The more they’re interested in what you’re saying, the more they’ll hear your message. The way you communicate is just as important as what you are communicating.”

      Amy joined CE as a Content Loader in 2012, allowing her to establish a foundation of CE software skills. Now as an Associate of the Digital Marketing Agency, she assists clients in their communication needs as well as contributes thought leadership articles in the club technology industry. She believes a successful communication strategy comes down to the basics, such as structure.

      “In a world where multitasking is the norm, it’s natural to start in the middle of a thought. Of course, not everyone you communicate with will have the same background information you do. By breaking the message down into a beginning, middle and end, you create common jumping off points. These points act as road-signs to assist everyone traveling down the same communication path. When your audience knows they are on the correct path, it’s much easier to find the finish line together.”