Pitfalls to Avoid in Software Contracts

A software contract should create the framework for a fair cooperation between you and your software vendor. However, the vendor has an advantage in negotiating the contract because they have been through these negotiations many times before. Often they introduce clauses which look benign but, under certain circumstances, give them an unfair advantage. This presentation, and the free whitepaper (which will be emailed to you), will describe some of the most unfair clauses and explain why and how a General Manager should avoid them.

What you will learn:

- Pitfall clauses and their substitutions
- Some clauses often disputed that actually work well
- How to know when to call your lawyer

This presentation (and whitepaper) is not by a lawyer, but by a CEO with extensive experience establishing strong business partnerships. The discussion will be about the kind of business frameworks to build, not the legal details of reducing them to paper.
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