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Clubessential Announces Marketing Services Division
Clubessential is excited to announce our Marketing Services division, which consists of a group of experienced digital marketing professionals who are available to partner with our clients to ensure they maximize the ROI of their online communications.
Clubessential’s software solutions allow clubs to engage members online, driving revenue, retention and recruitment. However, for some clubs these tools present a new problem – either no staff member is available with the required marketing and technical skills, or the extent of the work exceeds the capacity of the staff, or the staff is short handed due to seasonality/absences . For such situations, Clubessential has launched the Marketing Services team (a division of the Clubessential Digital Marketing Agency).

The Marketing Services team consists of a group of professionals who have extensive knowledge of the private club industry, coupled with years of experience working with Clubessential’s tools, ensuring they can efficiently assist clients in managing their websites while generating the full potential ROI.

Marketing services offered usually fall into one or more of these three broad categories:

  • Consulting & Analytics
  • Content & Digital Communication Management
  • Search Marketing

Click here for more information and to schedule a free consultation with one of our team members.

Kristen Wenrick Joins Marketing Services Team

Kristen Wenrick's career encompasses business, marketing, and service. She started by joining the Ohio Air National Guard at seventeen. After graduating from Kent State University with a marketing degree, she was commissioned and currently serves as a Captain Logistics Readiness Officer, a monthly role she continues to fill. Simultaneously, she joined the world of marketing, advancing to multiple supervisory positions including Social Media Manager at The Longaberger Company, where she trained over 40,000 sales people. Her experience in leading large pools of personnel and handling daunting military logistics issues gives her a background to understand the normal day of a club marketing manager.

“Whether you work with 10 people or 10,000 people, it’s a balancing act. You need equal parts organization and execution.”

Prior to joining Clubessential, Kristen was the Marketing and Communications Director for Toll Brothers’ Parkland Golf & Country Club in South Florida. Her country club background allows her to understand the needs of clients and the environment in which they function. “Clubs are busy, bustling places. It can be a challenge to get everyone together for something as small as updating an event page or emailing a newsletter. That’s why Marketing Services exist: to make life easier.”

It’s her attention to detail and follow-through that make Kristen an effective leader. “I’m able to take my technical knowledge and translate it into clear, concise language. Success begins with communication.”