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Heritage Club Launches New Online Identity & Member Engagement System
Clubessential partners with Heritage Club to launch an improved online member and guest engagement system. Read on >

Clubessential is proud to have partnered with Heritage Club to create the new, which invites web visitors to experience the charming attributes of this Mason, Ohio private club.

Clubessential worked closely with the Heritage Club team to discuss the brand image the new website should convey, map out the desired outcomes, and lay out a game plan for bringing all of the ideas to life. The result was a complete overhaul of the previous website (which was hosted by a third party) and an elevated web presence which improves member and guest engagement.

Web Design
Sync with Jonas
Mobile Services
Online Dining Reservations
Online Statements
Online Bill Pay
And much more

“I can’t say enough great things
about Clubessential.”

Michelle Tegge, Director of Sales & Marketing

“Since switching to Clubessential I've been impressed with their proactive customer service,” said Michelle Tegge, Membership Director of Heritage Club.

"As any club would, when switching to a new website vendor, we had some initial hesitations,” Tegge added. “I was concerned about the scope of work involved in building a new website because I assumed the bulk of the responsibilities would be the club's, and mine, when it came time to load the content. I was wondering if the transition would be easy.”

Clubessential quickly put Michelle at ease.

“Right from the outset our Clubessential Sales Rep, JJ Welte, introduced us to our Project Manager, Sofia, who walked us through the entire website implementation process, how it would work, and what was expected from both sides,” said Tegge. “It was awesome!”

“Then we held the Kickoff Meeting with the design team; we talked about the history and culture of the club, and the goals we wanted to achieve through the website. We also sent over some collateral for the designers to review after our call, so they could get a feel for our existing branding,” added Tegge.

Following the Kickoff Meeting, Clubessential’s project team huddled together, reviewed their notes, and proceeded to develop a creative concept that was spot-on with Heritage Club’s vision.

“We were blown away when we sat down for the presentation of the design; it was obvious that the designers totally understood our Club’s culture based on the conversation we had a few weeks earlier,” said Tegge. “They had never been to the facility, yet they were still able to emulate what Heritage Club is all about and present that brand identity online. That was incredible!”

Post website launch, Michelle and her team quickly learned that Clubessential was more than just another website vendor; rather, we are a true partner that works collaboratively with clients to help them succeed.

“Clubessential offers an array of live and on-demand training sessions through its support website, and my team sat in on as many of those sessions as possible during the build-out of the website," Tegge added. "Once the website was ready to launch we felt we were equipped with the skills to hit the ground running and effectively use the tools.”

Over the past few weeks, since the website launched, Tegge has had some time to reflect upon how Clubessential has helped Heritage Club in many ways, including taking reservations.

“We struggle with reservations. But now that we have an online à la carte dining reservations system in place, members are no longer forced to call to book tables — they can do so right from the palm of their hands using their mobile devices. We’ve seen an increase in the number of dining reservations and our Food & Beverages Team loves how the online system is driving-up non-dues revenue,” said Tegge.

Additionally, the new online tools are helping the Accounting Department at Heritage Club.

“The Dynamic Groups feature allows our Accounting Department to schedule emails which are automatically sent to members who are behind on their dues,” said Tegge. “Because Clubessential easily syncs with Jonas, we are able to schedule the emails and Clubessential’s system takes care of the effort each month. It saves our Accounting Department a ton of time and enables them to work more efficiently.”

Overall, Michelle was extremely impressed with how Clubessential partnered with her team at the beginning of the relationship, and she’s excited about where things will go in the future.

“I can’t say enough great things about Clubessential,“ added Tegge. “There’s always somebody there to help us when we need them, both night and day. The customer service is great, and our calls are returned immediately. From the designers, to the project managers, to the service people… so many people were phenomenal in helping ensure the transition was smooth, the website launch was successful, and our on-going efforts will be successful as well.”

Since 1998 Clubessential has built online member communication solutions that simplify the lives of club employees; drive revenue, retention and recruitment for the club; and build a stronger sense of community for all.

Let's discuss how we can help keep your club on the cutting edge of technology.