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Editing Website Content
Clubessential's easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) makes updating the website a breeze for non-technical administrators at clubs.

Editing Website Content

In order to function as an effective marketing and communication tool, a club website must allow for constant changes to keep up with the many activities of the club. Ease-of-editing is an important factor to consider when choosing a club website provider.

The big problem with editing tools is trying to balance ease of use for club administrators against the need for advanced features and flexibility: advanced features usually require complex editors that are too hard for busy club administrators to use. Clubessential dealt with this conflict by building two tiers of editors: a very complex one for Clubessential's own staff and the easy Axis Editor for club administrators, which allows us to provide a sophisticated product that is rich with features without overwhelming our clients with complexity.

Clubessential's Axis Editor was designed with club administrators in mind. Its intuitive user-interface supports easy and effective management of website content:

Edit-In-Place – Club administrators can edit all page content directly from the website, without the need to access a separate administrative site. Just select a "Click to Edit" icon and begin making changes.

WISIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") – The "Edit" view within the Axis Editor allows administrators to make changes while simultaneously viewing the finished product. No HTML knowledge is required. Simply use the editing tools to format pages as needed.

Table Support – The Axis Editor Table Wizard allows administrators to create, organize, and format tables, without the need to use HTML.

Update Logs – The Editor's Log Manager keeps track of all changes made live on the website, so any change made to the website can be reversed. Administrators can even revert page content to the way it appeared months or years ago.

Auto Saves – The Editor periodically saves your changes as you work, virtually eliminating the chance that you will accidentally lose your revisions.

Draft Management – Page drafts can be saved without being made live on the website, so a webpage can be started now and finished later, or even drafted by one person and approved by another, all prior to going live.

Template Manager – Clubessential provides over 100 stock templates for emails, calendar posts, newsletters, and new webpages. Club administrators can also design their own unique templates for use throughout the website.

HTML View – For advanced users who feel comfortable working within HTML, the Editor provides an HTML view, where changes can be made directly to the HTML.

Clubessential's two tiers of editors make website content management easy for even the busiest club administrator, without compromising the more complex features that are managed by Clubessential's staff. A website with up-to-date content encourages frequent visits by club members, helping to boost member awareness of club services and events and ultimately leading to increased member participation and satisfaction.

If you would like to find out more about how the Axis Editor can help you manage your website's content, CLICK HERE to request a meeting with a Clubessential representative, or call Bill Ivers at 513.322.4202.