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« Back Post Date: Friday, September 28, 2012, 8:00 AM
The Princess Anne Country Club's Vibe Shines Through Online
Clubessential teams up with The Princess Anne Country Club in Virginia to breathe new life into the preeminent Club's web presence.
The Princess Anne Country Club has been Virginia’s premier coastal private country club destination for nearly a century, providing a haven for members, their families, and guests. Located on a premier expanse of real estate one block from the Virginia coastline, The Princess Anne offers a distinctive and preeminent private club experience.

But online, that shine had tarnished. Their website, which was state-of-the-art when originally designed by Clubessential over five years ago, needed some luster. Similar to a clubhouse in need of renovation, The Princess Anne's Board once again turned to Clubessential to breathe new life into their web identity.

Clubessential has delivered.

Agency Custom Redesigned Website
Mobile Services
Member Roster
Email Marketing Engine

Donna Reinhart Bourgelas, the Membership & Communications Director at The Princess Anne, shed some light on why the Club re-engaged Clubessential's in-house agency and interactive experts to add some "pizazz" to their both their desktop and mobile web identities:


"In these budget-tight times, approval of a website redesign, and the addition of a mobile services platform, was a well thought out and wise investment for our Board.
Our website was over five years old and needed a more contemporary look that better reflected the vibe of The Princess Anne.

Two of us were dedicated to the website redesign, and we hit the ground running once the Board gave a green light.

In all honesty, it was sometimes difficult to find time to work on this project, but the time investment was small compared to the overwhelmingly positive response of our members.

Everyone with whom we worked at Clubessential was creative, efficient, patient, and responsive, and they guided us through every step of the process.

A new color palette and logo were designed by Clubessential to freshen our brand. We provided new photos to be uploaded, reorganized the site, and updated our information. Clubessential built the new website, which we were able to edit while the old website remained operational.

Now that our new website is live, our public presence has more pizazz and members are thrilled with the efficiency of the private side. Additionally, the website now conforms to all types of computers, iPads, and smartphones. Posting new information can be done in one easy step.

It has been said that change is not always easy, but in this case – it was, and oh so worthwhile! If your Club is considering developing a new website or upgrading your existing website, don’t hesitate to rely on Clubessential! You won’t be disappointed."

Donna J. Reinhart Bourgelas

Membership & Communications Director
The Princess Anne Country Club

To learn more about how Clubessential's technology and online marketing services can accelerate your organization's online brand, please contact us to request a demo with a Clubessential representative, or call Bill Ivers Jr. at 513.322.4202.

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