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Client Spotlight - Laurel Oak Country Club
We recently caught up with Christine Bolton, CMP, the Membership Director at Laurel Oak Country Club in Florida, to find out how their revamped website has helped with their communications.

Client Q&A: Christine Bolton, CMP - Membership Director at Laurel Oak Country Club

Laurel Oak Country Club (FL) recently launched their revamped website, along with Mobile Services, which allows the Club to stay better connected with members via mobile devices. Both the new website and Mobile Services were designed and implemented by Clubessential's in-house digital Agency.

We recently caught up with Christine Bolton, CMP, the Membership Director at Laurel Oak Country Club, to find out how their technology enhancements have helped with their communication initiatives.


Agency Custom Website Design
RosterSync Integration
Online Statements
Mobile Services
Search Engine Optimization
Streaming Video
External Email Marketer

Q: What concerns did you have about redesigning the website and adding Mobile Services, which could have prevented you from moving forward with it?

A: We had none whatsoever. As a club, we understood the importance of new technology and keeping up with current trends.

Q: What did you find as a result of investing in the redesign? And in the Mobile Services?

A: We have definitely had more hits, both on the public side and private side. The viewers are staying on longer and looking at more pages.  By adding Mobile Services we have met the needs of our younger members.

Q: What specific features do you like most about both the redesigned site and the Mobile Services?

A: For the website it has to be the new overall look for our club. The Clubessential design team did an amazing job for us. The Mobile Service “look” complements the website and it is easy to navigate.

Q: What would be three other benefits of the redesigned website? And Mobile Services?

1.   More traffic to site
2.   Easier for our members to navigate the site
3.   Member connectivity with Mobile Services

Q: Would you recommend a website redesign and Mobile Services to other private clubs? Why?

A: Yes. We have used Clubessential for over 6 years and have a great relationship with them. They are easy to work with and the technical support is outstanding.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to add?

A: I would certainly recommend Clubessential to anyone who is looking for a new website host or an upgrade.

For more information on how Clubessential's digital Agency can accelerate your club's online brand, please contact us to request a demo with a Clubessential representative, or call Bill Ivers Jr. at 513.322.4202.