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Client Spotlight - The Fort Worth Club
Want to know why The Fort Worth Club turned to the Clubessential Design Agency to revamp its online presence, instead of turning to a local agency? Let Marketing Manager, Celestina Blok, tell you why.


Taking your online presence to the next level takes creative talent. It takes strategy. It takes innovation. The award winning Clubessential Design Agency delivers more than just great website designs. Our creative talent and design services ensure that each web design concept not only enhances our client's identity online but also aligns with their core online marketing needs, objectives, and resources.

Whether you are looking to enhance your online presence or develop a new one, we will lead you to creating a new look, feel and message that speaks to who you are and what you do.



Nearly two years ago, The Fort Worth Club had an important decision to make regarding their website: Turn to a local design agency to revamp the website, or leverage Clubessential's creative talent.

They decided to take advantage of the Clubessential Design Agency.

Below we asked Celestina Blok, The Fort Worth Club's Marketing Manager, why they made that decision.

Q: What challenges were you facing that caused you to consider turning to a local design agency?

A: Honestly, our site was so old and outdated, and had way too many pages and inaccurate links, it seemed like it would be impossible to try to go in and redo every page. It was overwhelming and tedious. We thought we'd be better off having a local agency build our site from scratch. Plus we felt a local agency might have a better feel for what The Fort Worth Club offered and its place in our city's history.

Q: Why did you end up choosing to stay with Clubessential to redesign your website, instead of turning to the local design agency? And did the functionality of our websites, and the fact that they're catered towards private clubs, play a role in the decision?

A: I had no idea the Clubessential team offered such an easy, straightforward method of website redesign. The steps were outlined perfectly for Clubessential to build a new site from scratch. When I realized the steps and details involved, and how willing the Clubessential team was to jump on the redesign with enthusiasm, I knew we had to choose Clubessential. They made it so easy and seamless and could provide virtually any feature we were looking for. Additionally, the cost was extremely reasonable comparably.

Q: Was there a significant cost-savings to choosing Clubessential over the other agency?

A: Yes. The other agency wanted us to commit to a large dollar amount to spend each year but with Clubessential we could see exactly what we're paying for. There was a definite cost-savings.

Q: Do you feel the design and functionality of the Clubessential website is as good as you would have received from an outside design agency?

A: I truly feel like we would have had to hand-hold an agency to explain Club business and what we were looking for. We were already having to somewhat do that in just meeting with local agencies. Yes, I feel like the design and functionality is just as good as a local agency, even better. I love the fact that Clubessential developed a design process that's geared specifically to the private club industry.

Q: What objectives did you have for the new website?

A: We needed a new website to better share everything the Club has to offer to many, many audiences. We're different in that we have multiple businesses under one roof: office space, dining, event space, wedding space, athletic center, guest rooms, barber shop, etc. We needed a better method of communicating the many events, programs, and amenities.

Q: What have been the results of the new website (along with the variety of communication features built into it, like videos, forms, etc.)?

A: We've received nothing but great feedback and have more users than ever before. With all of our new online inquiry forms, our catering department receives many requests for info. We still have room to build with photo galleries and more, but the site has received great praise and was so badly needed!


Clubessential Services Integrated into The Fort Worth Club's website include: 

Interactive Communication Solutions

Public & Private Website Design & Development

Database Integration Solutions

Mobile Services

If you would like to find out more about how the Clubessential Design Agency can improve your club's web presence, please contact us to request a demo with a Clubessential representative, or call Bill Ivers Jr. at 513.322.4202.